“I’m sure Grace would agree”

Following up on Is it The Age or The Oz?, the first of the articles was from The Australian: Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews promoted after she made my life hell, says female staffer. They have now rectified their error of leaving out the story on The Australian of the Year – remind me what exactly she did to win the award – by including this today: Grace Tame attacks Scott Morrison for promoting Amanda Stoker. The PM did respond to her, however, trying to teach Ms Tame something about grace and sense:

Mr Morrison said he disagreed with Ms Tame labelling the ministerial reshuffle a “distraction”.

“I wouldn’t share those views. I respect Grace and I once again congratulate her on her strong advocacy on the issues that have been so front of mind but they’ve always been front of mind for people who have been dealing with these issues over generations,” he said.

“There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with each other, but I think we’ve got to find better ways to disagree and this comes and builds from a culture of respect in this country which I’m sure Grace would agree is something we need to continue to build.”

From the comments:

Tame received AOTY for her campaign about letting victims of sexual assault be allowed to speak……”Let her speak” was the campaign slogan. Certainly a worthy message. But she seems to be against Stoker or Arendt being allowed to speak their piece. Why?? Because their views don’t align with hers??

Amanda Stoker obviously worries the left. They have come out so quickly with a personal attack. Suggests she is very good and what I see she certainly is

I’ll back the senator any day against lefty accusations. I think Grace should do more homework before expressing opinions about things she doesnt have all the facts on.

I didn’t realise that the Australian of the Year could have a say in choosing a Cabinet Minister. Enough is enough Grace.

More than enough.

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