Is it The Age or the Oz?

Queensland Senator Amanda Stoker.
Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews appears via video link during a virtual swearing-in ceremony with Scott Morrison on Tuesday. Picture: AAP

I now find reading The Age of a morning in no way politically different than from reading The Oz. Take this bit of nonsense from this morning: Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews promoted after she made my life hell, says female staffer. This mostly looked like a claim for Workers’ Comp but really seems to be just part of the job.

A senior Liberal adviser has taken stress leave from Karen Andrews’ office after claiming the new Home Affairs Minister bullied, humiliated and victimised her over a six-month period.

The complaint, first made by the long-serving female adviser in August and raised again on March 14, has come to light after Ms ­Andrews was promoted from the industry portfolio by Scott Morrison on Monday in a reshuffle ­designed to enhance focus on women’s issues.

In a letter sent to Ms Andrews earlier this month, the senior­ ­adviser — The Australian has agreed not to name her at her ­request — claimed the workplace bullying was so significant she was “suffering severe stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and depression”.

And this is woman-on-woman bullying. The story ends:

Ms Andrews was one of six women promoted in the ministerial shake-up on Monday — from industry, science and technology to home affairs — as part of Mr Morrison’s bid to neutralise the Coalition’s sexism row and after weeks of criticism about the government’s handling of rape and sex harassment claims. It increased female representation in cabinet to 30 per cent.

Some senior Liberal figures have privately said Ms Andrews was chosen for the role, above other contenders, such as Stuart Robert — widely considered the frontrunner but who became Employment Minister — in large part because of her gender.

In interviews over the past month, Ms Andrews has been outspoken about the treatment of women in parliament, last week describing the experience for some as “horrendous”.

Hmmmm. And then this: ‘Distractions posing as solutions’: Grace Tame criticises Scott Morrison’s cabinet reshuffle. Ms Tame was apparently Australian of the Year. She writes:

Ms Tame said improving the representation of women in the ministry wouldn’t address the abuses of power. She also accused Senator Stoker of endorsing columnist Bettina Arndt’s “‘fake rape crisis’ tour aimed at falsifying instances of sexual abuse on school and university campuses across Australia” and failing to support victims of sexual assault….

When asked by veteran interviewer Kerry O’Brien on SBS on Tuesday night if Prime Minister Scott Morrison was moved by her words after the awards were announced, Ms Tame paused and said: “moved, in what direction I don’t know”, to huge applause from the audience.

OK, which story was from which paper? If you don’t already know, I bet you couldn’t tell. As for management of our public affairs, what any of this has to do with anything is still to be revealed, although I was happy to see Peter Dutton moved over to Foreign Affairs.

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