Are we the stupidest people who have ever lived?

This is the title: Climate and COVID: The Erosion of Common Intelligence and Common Sense. This is the first para:

In a recent article for PJ Media, I discussed the decline in IQ scores across the West over the last decades, a phenomenon confirmed by many psychological studies and clinical reports. In the article I provided links and documentation as well as numerous episodes and examples in support of the survey’s conclusions. But I omitted for reasons of space what strikes me as a cardinal illustration of the contemporary erosion of common intelligence and common sense, namely, the popular belief in “climate change” and so-called renewable energy sources, and, more recently, mass compliance with government public health dogma and politically inspired COVID legislation.

This is the final para:

What we are observing is the shrinking of perception that comes with acquiescence to the pressures of group-think and collective mind-forming. We begin by being susceptible to repression. We proceed by accepting its diktats. We finish by experiencing a narrowing of the sensibility. Ultimately, we grow stupefied, shedding IQ points like autumn leaves. Of course, the reasons for the decline of intelligence in the West are many and varied as well as controversial, but the downward trend is well-documented. The public response to “Climate and COVID” is a sure indication of the debacle.

Let me now encourage you to go to the link to read everything that comes in between.

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