PDT and the Queen politely agree on Meaghan

This is from The Daily Mail in the UK: Mail survey reveals public fury at the Sussexes as majority call for Harry and Meghan stripped of their titles…. Also includes the public statement from The Palace. Three sentences only, but almost certainly untrue from end to end.

An official statement was released on behalf of The Queen on Tuesday evening, following the bombshell interview, which aired in the UK on Monday night

Of course, there is also this judgement that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

And this is Piers Morgan sitting next to this hatchet-faced woman who represents the obsessively offended and pseudo-oppressed woman of today. Love the way she crosses her arms as Piers begins to speak.

If you do not think that Meaghan is 90+% phoney and a narcissistic loon, you haven’t even the rudiments for judging character.

And this is where he departs the set. Young people today are sooooo stupid!

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