Premier heal thyself

Living in Danandrewstan as I do, daily doses of insanity are just part of the picture. My specialty is economics, with the form of madness I find myself most astonished by being the ability of political leaders to commit to expenditures beyond any possible hope of finding the funding to finance what they decide to do. If you want to see political insanity, try this on for size: ‘We are failing’: Premier vows to put mental health at centre of biggest social reform in generation.

Royal commission chair Penny Armytage said the mental health system had “catastrophically failed to live up to expectations”.

The commission’s 3195-page final report, which was tabled in parliament on Tuesday, found the mental health system was overwhelmed and could not keep up with the number of people who sought treatment….

Premier Daniel Andrews has committed to implementing all 65 recommendations made in the report, which he said would “serve as our blueprint for the biggest social reform in a generation”.

“Biggest” as in the most expensive. There are more than 3000 pages in the Report and there are 65 recommendations (with each of the “recommendations” merely a heading beyond which there are many other more detailed recommendations listed). But Dan has immediately committed himself (that phrase again) to the lot, which with absolute certainty he has only the foggiest notion of what is being said, what the nature of the problems are, or how much it might cost to implement any of it.

Andrews has been a catastrophe for the state and for Australia. When he became Premier, Melbourne had been for many years the World’s Most Liveable City. It’s now the dregs and he is pulling it lower and lower with each passing day.

I wish I knew what the right word is for someone who has lost their grip on reality, but whatever the word is, it applies absolutely to Daniel Andrews.

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