Very depressing

The Americans have decided that freedom and democracy doesn’t work for them so they’re going to try something else. From What comes after Georgia?:

As I write this, it appears that Raphael Warnock, an anti-American, pro-Marxist, anti-Semitic, anti-white Democrat who has credible accusations of spousal and child abuse against him, won. Meanwhile, with Perdue and Ossoff tied, counting has stopped in Chatham County. We know what that means. They’re finding votes for Ossoff, a leftist nonentity. As matters now stand, despite Trump’s overwhelming coattails on down-ballot votes across America, Biden is poised to take the White House, the Democrats will control the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi and her squad are the Queen and princesses of the House. We are facing a hard-left, one-party federal government.

Land of the free and the home of the brave. /s

Let me also add this which has added to my despondent mood. In reply to my Christmas/New Year note, I received a reply from one of my favourite cousins, second cousin actually, since his mother and my mother were first cousins. We were born weeks apart and went to University together and he is the absolute nicest chap. And he wrote among other things:

The City of Toronto devised an advertising campaign, aimed at the 18-35 age group, trying to convince them to wear a mask, distance, etc. We found one, attempting humour, to be particularly egregious: a buff young man with a tee-shirt that reads “The new normal sucks–let’s get back to the old normal.” Do we really want the “old normal” of gross and growing income inequality, homelessness and hunger crises, unpaid internships (if lucky) and job insecurity, social and racial injustice, etc. etc? Rather, we should be working for a “better normal for everyone”. Interestingly, none of the politicians or newspapers I wrote to deigned to respond…. I don’t do very much at all in the academic vein, although I keep an eye on water and climate change issues. In fact, we were overseas for 3 weeks just this time last year, because I was invited to participate in a climate change workshop and give a couple of seminars.

Everyone wants to be Mr (and Ms) Niceperson. They will eat you alive, I’m afraid, but only our children will live to see it fully unfold.

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