Fair weather friends and I’m not so sure they were friends at all

This post by John Hinderaker on why PDT has gone over the top is the last straw for me to think of Powerline as a source of political sense. My response is summed up by the respondents who are listed under the heading “Best”, starting from the top:

I’m rarely disappointed by the PL posts, but this one is abominable. Donald Trump is fighting on principle. We live and die by our principles. To go down fighting is a virtue. There is no virtue in rolling over and exposing a vulnerable underbelly. The Dems will exploit and destroy wherever they see weakness. At this point, the Senators and House members don’t have to believe that the results will be overturned. They will be making the case to the American people and going on record that Biden/Harris deserve a double asterisk in history, and the electorate needs to mobilize to pressure their Reps to close the illicit avenues where fraud has been perpetrated. I look forward to hearing the case as it is challenged tomorrow. I also know that we now have a clearer line drawn in the sand as to who will stand for our Constitution and who will compromise the Republic.

President Trump is right in saying that the 2020 election was rife with voter fraud. I think he is quite likely right, although no one knows for sure, in alleging that absent fraud he would have been re-elected. But his conduct has nevertheless become indefensible.

You have gone off the rails, Mr. Hinderaker. I’m too mad to do more than scan this post at the moment, but I caught enough of the gist to realize You Just Don’t Care. I’ve been saying prayers for President Trump and his family ever since this whole sorry episode began. I can’t imagine what it feels like to be him. He has been under relentless, serous attack and under illegal and sham investigations since the moment he announced his candidacy, he has been impeached, he has watched his friends and associates be imprisoned and suffer great financial harm just for being his associates. He has watched his family be tormented by investigators and the media. At the same time, he has probably worked harder for the American people than any other President with the probable exception of Lincoln. I see nothing going wrong with his post below, and in fact I think it is remarkably mild-mannered considering that the election has been stolen from him by a man with likely progressing dementia who hardly ever left his basement and is being run by handlers who do not like America or our Constitution. The whole thing reeks to high heaven and was an obvious set-up from the get-go. That you are more upset at Trump than those who have in all likelihood permanently destroyed our Constitutional Republic says more about you than him.

Trump has my total support in NOT conceding, EVER!

I am sure this is going to tick a bunch of you off, but I am past caring. Between Mr. Mirengoff and the rest of you, this site has become just another bastion of RINO cave and bow down behavio

Where is YOUR ire for the SCUM in Congress … like Swalwell, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Schumer, and so many others? Where is YOUR ire for the CHINESE COMMUNISTS who created and unleashed a world-wide pandemic that continues to inflict uncounted financial and personal suffering. 20% (and counting) of small business are gone. Their destruction is to the benefit of the huge corporations; Amazon, Walmart, etc. Where is the praise for a President who directed the creation and distribution of a vaccine that is now being administered inside of one year to relieve this pandemic? Where is the praise for a President who created the best economic growth in our lifetimes if not ever? What President defeated ISIS which had its ‘caliphate’ spread across the Middle East while not starting a single war? What President has created what has been “impossible” over the past 70 years: peace sweeping through the Middle East with fierce enemies of Israel now signing peace agreements with them? I could go on and on. John, do you get a sense of why at least 75 million people voted to re-elect this President and are enraged with the way he has been treated? Name a single person that could have gone through this unwarranted political destruction and handled it better than DJT?

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