Shrink wrapped political loonies

In a world of square pegs and round holes, the fact of human unhappiness and dissatisfaction is just the way it is and always will be. The left has been taking aim for more than a century at the two most important forms of refuge in this heartless world: the family and religion. I think of socialist thought as the most hideous of all of the psychological traumas of the modern world. It is a replacement of sorts for religion but offers no consolations that I can think of whatsoever. This has all come to mind having run across this: Trump history and behavior suggest destructive mental processes that put America at risk. I thought it was against the professional ethics of a psychiatrist to be diagnosing without actually knowing the patient, but ethics are for other people. Having read their stuff, I can plainly see they are a couple of screwballs. This is what they said:

Since President Donald Trump’s election, the psychiatric community has debated calling out his illness(es). The American Psychiatric Association says we should remain silent out of fear that we would violate the Goldwater Rule — an APA rule adopted largely to prevent the partisan misuse of psychiatric diagnoses to unduly influence an election. But it is clear what many psychiatrists know privately, and a few have said publicly. The threat to our democracy is too great to remain silent.

They said quite a bit more but you get the idea. Having been reading quite a bit of psychology lately having just run across this ferocious scam – see The Therapeutic State for a previous discussion – it is quite clear that the diagnoses of most psychologist’s is based on the moral and political beliefs of the therapist and has virtually no objective value. These shrinks have even less to contribute to public debate than Keynesian economists, and that really is rock bottom. How much does the conclusion look like psychology rather than a political judgement which, of course, is just what it is?

Whatever President Trump does leading up to Jan. 20 — whether it is reckless actions abroad or lawless and destructive acts of commission or omission at home — it should be clear that these are not normal nor acceptable actions by an American president.

They are miseducated in every known falsehood found across the social sciences. It really is a disgrace but eventually you just have to get used to it.

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