What is the Covid agenda? Do we know?

This video is about Daniel Andrews. Not literally, of course, but you watch it. If you don’t know there is a political agenda beneath all this, if you leave the lockdowns in place, and allow our freedoms to be stolen from us, you will eventually find out.

In Australia there is only one premier who is actively seeking to continue and almost certain extend this totalitarian lockdown yet it is the handling of this virus that has been more comprehensively bungled than any other premier. Look at the numbers.

New Cases Australia – 25,205

New Cases Victoria – 18,608

New Cases Outside Victoria – 6,597

Recent Deaths Australia – 156

Recent Deaths Victoria – 149

Recent Deaths Outside Victoria – 7

Total Deaths Australia – 549

Total Deaths Victoria – 462

Total Deaths Outside Victoria – 87

Why would you give this power hungry incompetent an extension of power? Now watch Tucker Carlson again.

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