The most absurd political entity on the planet

Let me preface this with a quote from a Letter to the Editor at the Oz.


I had to leave for the UK recently…. Extraordinarily, after all the tribulations leaving Australia, I entered the UK by merely sliding my passport into a slot, unmolested by bureaucrats, and emerged blinking into sunny freedom. Here I can walk outside and freely breathe the air. I can go for an evening jog. I can eat in crowded restaurants and go to concerts. I can travel anywhere in the UK or most of the world … except Australia. Quietly, the rest of our planet is getting back to normal, unwilling to continue throttling liberty and society for a virus that, yes, caused a lot of deaths, but would not have looked out of place in a reasonably bad winter.

Meanwhile back in Australia, and in Victoria in particular, we have this. And while the writer calls her a “Karen”, Mandy Crear is definitely not one of them. She is a modern secular saint, and as seen above is both handcuffed and accompanied by six members of our local constabulary, as befitting a dangerous criminal such as herself. The entire story from the Herald-Sun is reprinted below. It is titled, “Frankston ‘Karen’ anti-masker Mandy Crerar refuses to wear mask in jail, remanded again.

A Frankston ‘Karen’ is still refusing to wear a mask even as she languishes in jail on remand, a court has heard.

Anti-authoritarian Mandy Crerar was listed to apply for bail again on Tuesday, but her case was adjourned because prison staff said she wouldn’t put on a mask.

It meant custody officers at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre couldn’t take her to a media room for her online court case.

The 58-year-old had her first bail application on August 12, but that was denied because she refused to guarantee she would abide by the COVID-19 health requirements.

Ms Crerar is accused of coughing on staff at Cafe Fleur by Jen in Frankston and allegedly assaulting police because she had been refused service for not wearing a mask.

Officers say she continued to be uncooperative and refused to answer COVID-19 questions back at the station. She faces a total of nine assault, affray, resisting emergency worker and failing to comply with Chief Health Officer’s direction charges.

Her partner Andrew Lane pleaded for her to be released from custody, saying he needed her assistance around the home and he “couldn’t cope without Mandy here”.

Her defence lawyer Christopher Terry told the online court he was advised she was abiding by directives at the prison where she is being held, but that was disputed by corrections staff.

He said the 14 days she had already spent behind bars was more than she would likely receive if she was found guilty or pleaded to the charges she faced.

He said a $5000 surety and the care requirements of her partner were also factors that needed to be considered.

Magistrate Timothy Gattuso said he was not prepared to consider bail for Ms Crerar if she was not prepared to put on a mask inside jail.

“If she is saying she will do it in the community, I want to see if she is prepared to do it for a court hearing,” Mr Gattuso said.

She is listed to face online court again on Thursday, August 27.

To give Dan Andrews an extension of his powers would be a betrayal of our freedoms which is a legacy we must protect, while making Victoria the most absurd political entity on the planet.

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