Tense scenes in Melbourne

Among all of the many other failings Daniel Andrews has, he is also a bad liar.

There are tense scenes in Melbourne, as Daniel Andrews answers questions about him claiming one in four people weren’t at home when they were doorknocked.

Victoria Police found that less than one per cent were breaking the rules.

Mr Andrews was asked whether or not he regrets going so hard on Victorians and making it appear that so many were doing the wrong thing.

It led to a tense back-and-forth lasting almost eight minutes.

Here’s some of the exchange;

Andrews; I indicated they weren’t at home. They weren’t at home. We didn’t issue on-the-spot fines. We referred it to Victoria Police. It is their job to determine and investigate whether people had a lawful excuse not to be at home.

Just as I foreshadowed, we didn’t assume that they weren’t all doing the wrong thing. There was, as I said the time, it could be you choose not to answer the door.

You might be isolating at another house. The address for you might be wrong. It might be as [the police] put it yesterday, you might be out the back in a shed. There are lots of different reasons.

Reporter; I suppose it is misleading because a lot of Victorians assumed so many more people were breaching isolation when it is less than 1 per cent.

Andrews; Again, I’m not here to ask you questions but if I might be permitted to do that, how is it misleading to inform the community that when somebody from the army and somebody from the health department knocked on the door, there was no no-one who answered it? How is that misleading?
Reporter; I suppose it is misleading because actually less than one per cent of people were not doing the wrong thing? That’s a massive part of it?

Andrews; Well, that might be a fair point if we had said that it was our view that every single one of those people were doing the wrong thing.

Reporter; This was three days before stage 4 was announced. It was a big part of the announcement on stage 4 lockdown that – in fact, in the media release it says, “I know Victorians are with me when I say too many people are not taking this seriously and too many people are not taking this seriously means too many other people are having to plan funerals for those they love.”

Andrews; Yes.

Reporter; So I suppose that points the finger at Victorians doing the wrong thing and we now know it is far less Victorians doing the wrong thing? :We thought it could have been as high as one-in-four were breaching self-isolation. We now know it was less than one per cent. Why did you make that such a big part of your announcement during stage 4 lockdown instead of, say, that your Government’s failures in hotel quarantine?

Andrews; So, that’s the real question. I’m sorry, we were building up to that. I’ve acknowledged there have been mistakes made. I’ve set up an inquiry to give us the answers that we need. I – I think we’ve now got to the real question. And I think what I’ve done, what I’ve said all the way along is consistent…

Reporter; OK. I won’t ask about hotel quarantine…

Andrews; You can.

Reporter; Why did you blame Victorians on the day you were announcing stage 4 lockdown?

Andrews; I didn’t do any such thing

Reporter; You did use the words you were frustrated that such a large majority of people weren’t following the rules. I understand you don’t like the question but it is a valid point

Andrews; No, it is not a question of whether I like the question or not. That’s completely irrelevant, and not necessarily accurate.

Mr Andrews finished by saying; “I don’t accept the conclusion that you’re drawing about blame. I don’t accept any of those – they’re not – they’re not factual, in that they are your view.

“You’re entitled to your view, I don’t share that view. I try to be as frank and direct as I can.”

But admitting he screwed up will never be part of anything he ever says, as big a screw-up as he actually and undoubtedly is. Not to mention: Melbourne’s coronavirus testing centres idle as state records 240 cases, 13 deaths. This is how the article begins:

Thousands of Victorians have recovered from coronavirus, with the state’s active cases dropping by 2291.

There were 7155 active cases on Wednesday, but the number dropped to 4864 on Thursday.

Good news, no doubt, which only emphasises the incompetence in which CV-19 has been handled at pretty well every level. Surely someone was arguing for a more moderate approach, because if not, the whole lot of them should be replaced.

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