Not only are the media lying to us about everything, everyone knows it

Does anyone really believe that people supporting Black Lives Matter are not on the left? Does anyone anywhere seriously believe that the media ever say anything that would diminish the possibility of defeating Donald Trump in November? It is astonishing to witness it for myself, but everyone on the left lies.

I no longer ever have to discuss politics with anyone on the left since I know exactly what they will believe about every issue, and I will also know which issues they are worrying about at any moment in time, by watching the ABC or reading the local press. So this story is news to no one: The Media Are Lying To You About Everything, Including The Riots. But it’s no more noteworthy than to be told that in the middle of a battle, the other side will be aiming cannon shot at their enemies across the battle lines, and that every one of the soldiers lining up inside their trenches are one hundred percent behind their artillery.

Democracies work when both sides see politics as a contest between groups with different possible solutions to whatever happen to be the social issues of our time where both can and do contribute. Democracy does not work if those on one of the sides in a political struggle refuses to accept there is any merit at all in the proposals being put forward by the other side. That is where we find ourselves today. No one with an ounce of sense or reflection anywhere believes or believed any of the following, but everyone I know on the left will say that they do:

1) Russia tipped the scales of the American election in favour of Trump.
2) Global warming is an urgent issue that requires us to subvert our system of power generation.
3) Something happened in the Ukraine – who knows what? – that proved – again who knows what? – that Donald Trump should not be president.
4) The Chinese Virus did not originate in China, but wherever it arose, now requires us to shut down our economy until there is no longer even the slightest danger that anyone might die from its effects.
5) A black man was murdered by a white policeman right in front of large number of witnesses, many of whom were carrying mobile phones through which they could record the event, which has exposed massive racist beliefs across the United States and elsewhere that require major levels of civil disorder and rioting to achieve something, although no one exactly knows what that is.

How monstrously stupid people would have to be to believe any of this! Anyone with an IQ over around 95 is perfectly aware this is all just politics on behalf of some objective. They just want to win power for themselves and for their side. It’s all very well to demonstrate that they are wrong, but it will not the battles going on today. None of it is about reason and debate. We are into mob violence that transcends public discourse and reason.

There is no debate. The issue is to convince a vast majority they have much to lose and nothing to gain by lining up with these mobs, which are given support through institutional forces such as politicians on the left, the media and the academic world, all of whom know so far as each issue goes, the truth is not represented by what they say. They just believe there are bigger issues involved, although what they are cannot be explained.

What is essential for us is to demonstrate that those on the left have an agenda and mean to put their agenda into practice. What we must therefore do on our side is expose that agenda. All of this, from items 1 to 5 – are means for the left to achieve their ends that have nothing to do with political justice, racism or less pollution. If we neglect to highlight their agenda and continue to deal only with their tactical issues, we will be overwhelmed.

The argument must be based on explaining why are they lying and what are they trying to do? What must be the core of our own agenda is to explain why there is nothing gained for anyone by falling for the lies of the left. If they cannot see in the devastation wracking cities all over the United States that there is nothing but ruin in following the agenda of the left, then we will be swept into the dustbin of history sooner than you might ever have believed.

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