Obama led a gangster government but no one really cares

Which led to this.

We are in fact just so used to the criminality of the left and of the Obama administration that none of this outrages any of us any longer, perhaps a bit but not really. We are used to the left acting illegally followed by the protection and lying obfuscation of the media that it is partly just how we think things are and cannot be changed, and partly because a kind of numb despair has soaked into all of our responses.

I find this in particular fascinating in how clearly things are put: Nevertheless, Sidney Powell Persisted. That so few know who Sidney Powell is and what she did is the problem in a nutshell.

She was demeaned and ridiculed as a “#MAGA lawyer” by the smart set at Politico.

She was second-guessed as a “screw-up” by legal blogs.

She was written off for “crackpot conspiracy theories” by former intelligence officials doing their best to protect their friends in the permanent bureaucracy.

Nevertheless, Sidney Powell persisted.

In an honest universe, Ms. Powell, the courageous attorney who engineered a miraculous defense of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn that led to the Justice Department withdrawing criminal charges against President Trump’s former National Security Adviser, would be hailed as a political and cultural hero. This solitary woman just faced down the epitome of the “old boys network” and emerged victorious.

Is there any better symbol of the patriarchy than Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel team, which was populated by a bunch of “old white guys” on a five to one ratio to the three women selected for the task of investigating President Trump?

As Gen. Flynn was facing sentencing for his guilty plea that was forced upon him by the strong-arm tactics of Mueller and the disgraced FBI officials on the 7th floor of the J. Edgar Hoover building, Judge Emmit Sullivan accused the 33-year veteran of the United States Army of “selling out your country.” Sullivan indicated that he was not inclined to let Flynn off without serving time, as his lawyers had promised.

Flynn began to rethink the effectiveness of his multi-million-dollar defense, whose firm included former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder. Enter Sidney Powell, who took the reins of the case in June 2019.

As Flynn’s new counsel, Powell inherited a client who had pled guilty to Mueller’s prosecutors, articulated that guilty plea in open court, and was merely awaiting the inevitable sentencing that could lead to a humiliating jail sentence.

Powell examined the case and advised on a radical Hail Mary defense: Withdraw your plea and fight these corrupt bastards. Flynn, drawing on his military career and training, trusted in Powell’s leadership and charged up that hill.

There’s much more at the link. Do you think any of this matters? Are you interested enough to continue even if only to find out the kind of world in which you live?

And there is now this as well: Curiously Odd Decision by Judge Sullivan to Hire Beth Wilkinson. Who are these people, and what’s it got to do with the rest of this, you might ask?

Gen. Flynn’s counsel files a Petition for Writ of Mandamus with the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, asking the Court to “Mandate” that Judge Sullivan dismiss the case based on controlling Circuit precedent, an exercise that almost never produces a Writ such as that sought by the Defendant.

Giving a “one-finger salute” to the filing of the Petition, Judge Sullivan enters an Order setting a briefing schedule for the filing of opposition and reply briefs on the issues before the Court as set forth in the DOJ motion to dismiss, setting a hearing date nearly two months away.

The next morning the Circuit Court of Appeals ORDERS the district judge to personally respond to the Petition for Writ of Mandamus and address the issue of whether he has any discretion on the question of granting the motion to dismiss the case — giving him only 10 days to do so, which includes a federal three-day holiday weekend.

Judge Flynn doubles down by hiring private legal counsel to assist him in responding to the Circuit Court’s order.

Wow. Why they don’t clap this “judge” in jail I cannot answer, but the judge has no fear of defying the law as he so clearly has now done.

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