The left is depraved and sickening to its very core

There is no higher level of disgust I can conjure that might arise from something else. If this is how the left sees the world, their personal misery and self-hatred are so all-consuming of their inner being that they are oblivious to everything that surrounds them. It’s from The Guardian.

For the full sense of how out of their tree these people are, you should go to this link and read through the entire cartoon, if you can stomach it. They are filled with hate and venom. This is entirely beyond ignorance since it takes very little to understand the rudiments of how an entrepreneurially-driven economy works. You eat because someone runs a farm, other people transport farm produce to where it can be sold by retailers, with plenty of other steps along the way. And why do individuals run farms, transport companies, retail outlets? Because that is how they earn their living. Yet there are people all over Australia, all over the Western world, who are so filled with such forms of madness that they do not care if the entire structure of the world crashes down upon our heads, which includes themselves, because they want vengeance on a world that is not how they would have liked it to be.

And following the cartoon there is this:

News is under threat …

… just when we need it the most. Millions of readers around the world are flocking to the Guardian in search of honest, authoritative, fact-based reporting that can help them understand the biggest challenge we have faced in our lifetime. But at this crucial moment, news organisations are facing an unprecedented existential challenge. As businesses everywhere feel the pinch, the advertising revenue that has long helped sustain our journalism continues to plummet. We need your help to fill the gap.

You’ve read 37 articles in the last six months. We believe every one of us deserves equal access to quality news and measured explanation. So, unlike many others, we made a different choice: to keep Guardian journalism open for all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay. This would not be possible without financial contributions from our readers, who now support our work from 180 countries around the world.

Aside from the heading about news being under threat, about which I could not agree more, the lack of self-awareness in their insane attack on business owners who depend on revenues exceeding costs if they are to continue, adds to the general repulsiveness of the people who can write such things. They see themselves as a business in need of revenue to cover their costs in producing screeds such as this to attack profit-earning businesses, such as themselves. It is a form of mental illness. I wonder if they despise their readers as much as I do.

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