“The facts that we know for sure”

Pompeo tells Salena Zito the world must ‘impose costs on China’ for coronavirus. More specifically he said this:

Let me start with the facts that we know for sure. We know this. We know that the virus originated in Wuhan, China. We don’t know precisely where inside of that, but we know that the Chinese Communist Party has been ruthless in denying us the ability to determine that very fact. Whether that began with their failure to provide information in a timely fashion to the World Health Organization. Whether that was them coercing the World Health Organization to be quiet about the scope and nature of this pandemic or taking doctors who were prepared to talk about what they were seeing in their offices and in their laboratories and denying them the ability to speak publicly, essentially disappearing them. Those are all things we know for sure. And then, we know that there were cases as far back, for sure, as December.

And there is more after that, lots more, including this.

This week, I was on the phone with a group of democracies that represent a significant piece of the globe’s GDP with my Indian counterpart, my South Korean counterpart, Brazil … I said India. Goodness. Japan, Australia. These are countries who all are staring at the same problems, that recognize that for decades, we ignored the threat from the Chinese Communist Party. That’s not partisan, that was both political parties ignored the risks connected to the Chinese Communist Party, who now are coming to recognize that the world needs to take a different path as we move forward from this current pandemic.

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