Their “last chance to destroy Trump and the economy”

Limbaugh asks VP Pence about blue states with ‘political desire to inflict pain’ by not opening. Obvious beyond obvious, deniable as a serious possibility only among those who would like to see PDT lose the next election.

As for Democrats utilizing the pandemic to their political advantage, Limbaugh said in March it was their “last chance to destroy Trump and the economy.”

“That’s where we are right now because the Democrats, the bottom has fallen out of their presidential campaign,” he said, noting that the party has had to ‘settle’ on Joe Biden as their nominee.

“So … they’ve got the way they’re looking at this. They’re the ones talking about this could be an opening for the Democrats,” Limbaugh said. “And when you call them out on this, ‘Oh, no, no, no, no, we’re not hoping people get sick. We’re talking about the economy.’

“OK, fine, chance to destroy the U.S. economy for the benefit of the Democratic Party,” Limbaugh added. “And this is what they’ve got going for them.”

Right on cue, Politico reported in early April the Democrats are planning to pin the tanking economy on Trump, even though, as is now evident, a number of blue-state governors and mayors continue to extend lockdown orders, keeping many businesses closed or opened only on a limited basis.

“We think the economy is central to what working people need to hear from candidates and elected officials up and down the ballot,” Mary Kay Henry, president of the Service Employees International Union, told the news site.

The virus does not know the political affiliation of state leaders, but it still seems to make a difference. In the US especially, the more to the left the leader is, the harder the lockdown has been and the more deaths that have been recorded as due to the corona virus.

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