Troy has been weighed and found wanting

These in order from top to bottom are the first thirty comments under the heading Most Liked for Branston’s self declared Non-Rant on Donald Trump. The video is from April 2016. Reading deranged kinds of comments such as Bramston’s four years later reminds me just how much danger we remain in even now. Just think, people like him would vote for a corrupt, senile far-left Democrat rather than Donald Trump. Seriously, there is nothing at all one can learn from these people except how mad the world really is. For some hope for the future, you should read these comments. Not one among the first thirty was left out, but I did leave out the friends of Troy who commented on these comments.

Troy, perhaps you could spend a little more of your rant on the endless persecution Trump has suffered right from initial campaigns to spy on his campaign by the Obama administration which used the entire force and might of the presidency, FBI, CIA, media and the Washington swamp to destroy him and get their darling, Hillary, her rightful place. I bet you’re disappointed General Flynn’s charges have been dropped and that devastating charges will follow for many in the highest levels of Obama’s swamp. Give us an article on Flynn please. What he’s suffered would have destroyed lesser men. He’s entitled to his exentricities after that. He’s exactly what his nation needs, not in any cookie cutter mould but a disrupter who has saved the US from Hillary and the swamp. I’m with him, not you.

I’m sorry, it’s Trumps departure from managerialist sensibility and decorum, so valued by journalists and others in the political class, that has made him so successful as a President. From his entry in public life it’s clear he enjoys a fight at the negotiating table, see ‘Art of the Deal’. He’s put that to work for the American people by re-negotiating dud trade agreements, kickstarting the economy, enforcing immigration laws, bringing the ‘endless wars’ to an end and standing up to China. His whole Presidency can be characterised as an attempt to win a better deal for the American middle-class. Before COVID, not only was the economy booming but middle class wages were rising, something no President since Nixon had achieved. Give me a fighter like Trump over an empty suit beholden to his/her donors any day.

The test, Troy, as to whether anyone is “unfit for purpose” is the ballot box, not the soap box.

“This is not an anti-Trump rant.” AND “Trump is an utterly grotesque figure: a bully, a narcissist, a serial liar and a fool who is devoid of empathy. He is reckless and dangerous. “Not a rant? Quite. I am reminded of the stoning scene from Life of Brian: Are there any women here? ‘No, no no no…” declare a dozen shrill voices…

I think this piece might be described, validly, as a “red meat” article. Fine with me. Look, Trump is exactly the rough, tough, man of much cunning and no couth that is required now as US president. That’s the times. And leaders must be equipped to deal with what the times present. Big unravellings coming in the next several years, all over the world. China, Russia, The Middle-East, the EU -all teetering on their various precipices. No time for lovey-dovey vegans at the top of the USA.

Excuse me. This is nothing but rant. One thing all of these presidents never had to deal with is a hostile 24 hour MSM and corruptible social media. Other than Fox, Obama had a very easy ride and did little with it. People seem to forget that every Republican President from Nixon to Bush has been derided and dismissed as mad, unworthy, stupid. You might have forgotten how the lovies and press dismissed Reagan as a dangerous war mongering dopey failed actor. Now he’s considered one of the best presidents no Democrat would dare to criticise. See how history gives another perspective. I’m not excusing Trump’s flaws and excesses but he’s had some successes too and any reasonable piece would acknowledge them and not exaggerate what has already been wilfully exaggerated. Please stop misrepresenting the disinfectant thing. He clearly meant something like disinfectant. He’s inarticulate and has no filter. That’s why ordinary folk trust what he says rather than being talked at with “sincere” long winded, patronising platitudes where you know you’re being scammed just in a more eloquent way.

Of course it is an anti Trump rant. The venom in the words of this article shocks me. Perhaps the writer could tell us what he would have done if he were president in handling the circumstances where he thinks Trump has failed. That would be enlightening.

Yes he is all of those things Troy. But we have seen the worst version of Trump because of the ultratoxic environment the Democrats and leftist media created. He fought fire with fire. They have lied, distorted and exaggerated any semblance of truth. The Mueller probe, the deranged biased media ridicule, deep state resistance and the constant leaks have been more than any President has endured before. It started before he even came to office. We have therefore seen a constantly wounded bull of a President, floundering gracelessly in a swamp of hatred, lashing out and without the clear air to establish any dignity in office. So if you rewrite this piece, perhaps include those aspects to qualify some of the critique. You have missed an entire dimension of the story by omitting them. They helped create Bad Donald but he really got that economy hopping like few before him and he cut through in many areas of the culture wars and international affairs where few could have. At the end of the day I will be cheering for him because he stood up to the bullies, liars, virtue signalling elites and arrogant swamp dwellers who think they control our world. Look up the word “folk hero” and report back with an edited piece.

Indeed he is egotistical and he says some inappropriate things, but what you have observed is the deep state pushing back. No other president has suffered the treasonist behaviour of the press, the security agencies or the public service. The extreme hypocrisy of the Democrats, the press and social elite far exceeds anything that Trump may have done. He is not a Politician and that is a good thing, because the previous President was a show pony, Bush was forgettable, Clinton got caught out, Kennedy was a Philanderer that dragged the US into the Vietnam war, Nixon was discredited and Carter was unremarkable. The Democrats are determined to divide and conquer the nation and that is causing the nation to disintegrate. Conceivably, Trump may end up being the greatest President of all, when history recalls.

Amazing how articles like this ignore Trump being the first in shutting down travel from China, and had to stare down the media, WHO, the Democrats that accused him of being xenophobic, overreacting and a racists. Trump lead the world, but it does no matter what he does never Trumpers will never accept it.

Troy, deaths per million is the only comparison that has meaning. Look at Britain now for evidence of how not to handle this pandemic. Still with open borders and only just with some semblance of quarantine coming in. Disastrous. Donald Trump may be an unattractive individual but he has achieved much of what he promised to do against irrational opposition. How could Hilary Clinton have been any better with her baggage?

That all maybe true – but it also mirrors the failure of those desperate to replace him. Lots of complaining but no alternative.

Seriously. haven’t we had enough of these rants?

Hilarious! Troy chides Trump for lacking self reflection, then goes on to state that ‘this is not an anti Trump rant’! What is it then – comedic satire with writer as subject?

Troy you should start off your articles with in my opinion, in my opinion he is a great leader and has done more for the average American than most open both eyes and you will see so much more.

Troy, compared with Obama and his cohort of rusted on luvvies this president has been a success

Troy. What has been a disgusting fact is that the Democrats have never accepted the legitimacy of President Trumps election. Trump was elected by the American people as their President for 4 years. The DNC never accepted that fact and from election night have conspired to overturn the legitimate decision by “We the People” I like that Trump has put America first, has actively made the international financial passengers of American largess finally pay their way. Similarly the financial gluttony of the unelected “world” bodies such as UN WHO and endless other QANGOs and NFP professional parasites have been called out. I especially like the way Trump has ceased the mindless situation where in the past the MSN tail was permitted to wag the elected dog. The fact that the established aloof political machine of the privileged class has been brought to task is simply huge dollops of icing on the Trump cake. “We the People” will decide again in November who will be President for the next 4 years. Like many I will be surprised if Joe Biden is the next President. Troy. Your contempt for the America Constitution and American Voters is appalling for someone who espouses to be a knowledgeable student of American History. Like many I look forward to many more Swamps being drained by My President.

Mr Bramston falls for the lethal trap of expecting President Donald Trump to be somebody he’s not, somebody he will never be. Donald Trump is not a politician per se, he’s never gone through the traditional political pathways. That said, he’s remained the person he’s always been, manic, no off switch, no filter, thought bubbled, narcissistic, full on, in your face… we have a good grasp he’s not your regular President in outward behaviour, But is he really different from Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull? Both display all the traits but place the political facade for the people when in office. President Trump has never behaved with that false facade of “better” behaviour. He never will Is that a good thing or not? Regardless of the answer Donald Trump will remain Donald Trump. Whilst he has been uneven during this difficult time, overall America is a different country to Australia. Lots of movement, obsessive about their civil rights, lots of airports and ports. The Governors play a key role and whilst New York has suffered badly their Governor has been praised for his performance. Seems he has because he’s a Democrat and not a Republican like Donald Trump. And there’s the rub. If Donald Trump was a Democrat and President notwithstanding all his behaviours the media would lap him up and say he’s a wonderful breath of fresh air. He is open in his thought bubbles, making everyone think outside the circle The media would say sure he could be a less abrasive type but overall he just gets things done. And they’d laud him for playing with those nasty Republicans’ heads. Unfortunately the chronic partisanship has been a virus in politics. President is far from perfect, he is at times a badly behaved individual, but not every single thing he does is wrong. Far from it But the media have cried wolf so often that today’s complaints of President Trump are largely ignored by those less interested in partisanship.

I can suggest another book for you, Troy. “The worst president in history”. It looks at the legacy of Barack Obama. Not such a saint when you read past the democratic mist.

Trump’s actions in the USA are difficult to uncover as 99% of the media machine spend 100% of their time focusing on any misstep and if there are none they invent them by cherry picking and reporting only what they want the people to hear, the real story is that President Trump has done an incredible job and is positioning America to be great again.

The real disappointment in US politics over the past few years has not been Trump, but the poor behaviour of the Democrats. Instead of an article about that, we get another anti-Trump diatribe supported by a basic claim of extensive study of presidents past. The revelations about the bad treatment of Michael Flynn are just the latest item. The attempt to scotch Kavanaugh, the appalling process of impeachment, the generally dishonest tactics of his opponents are there for even a casual observer to see and write about.

Troy, I very much enjoy your articles. Can you do a similar one on Xi Jinping and his handling of COVID-19?

To compare like nations, one could note that USA Covid-19 deaths per capita are less than Netherlands, Sweden, France, UK, Italy, Spain, and Belgium, but more than Germany, Denmark, Finland, and Norway. Cannot one recall the US media criticizing Trump for his early and correct calls to embargo international arrivals; cannot one recall the Democrats accusing Trump of xenophobia, echoed by their US media allies. And on it goes, a boring, unfortunately now familiar refrain – the Democrats and their media alliance – endlessly critical of Trump. Disappointing, though, to see the refrain repeated near verbatim here by Mr Bramston, though.

Troy raised the “derangement syndrome” in his article. The “derangement syndrome” certainly exists, and it lies with Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, their Congressional supporters, and the Democrats generally given their penchant for nation destroying programs such as the Ocasio-Cortez’s “green new deal”. Trump is the best American President since Eisenhower, and Obama one of the worst.

Troy, talk about throwing the toys out of the cot, how about these facts.
-3.6M people arrived in the US between December and February most of them from China, Spain, Italy and Great Britain.
-Trump was call a racist for closing the borders to China.
-The New York governor opened retirement homes to house Covid-19 patients.
-Trump delivered stronger borders, lower taxes, an end to political correctness, non interventionlist foreign policy and less business regulations.
-He also pulled out of Paris climate agreement, stopped the ban on coal mining and forced china into accepting UN sanctions on North Korea.
How many of your lot have achieved so much in under 4 years, maybe take your mate Rudd’s advice and take a Bex and lie down. Oh and by the way when your mate became PM in 2007 we had $20B in the bank.

Disastrous presidency? On what basis? Undoing all the Obama era mistakes? Not having a crease in his trousers? Has he ever said corpsman incorrectly? Please explain. Whenever I ask Trump haters to spell out what he has done wrong they fall back on the personal attributes such as you have done which is to attack the man and not the ball. It shows a complete lack of intellectual vigour.

Time to fess up. Obama was hopeless. Trump has been trying to clean up his mess. The behaviour of the Democrats is front and centre…a swamp

Firstly, I am not a Trump supporter. However the distortion of facts in this article demands a response.
1. To dismiss per capita death comparisons with the UK, Italy, Spain and France is ludicrous. How can you compare the situation of a country with 350 million people with Australia or Denmark.
2. Trump announced a ban on non-American travellers from China around the same time as Morrison. Both were met by claims of racism. In fact Trump extended the ban to Europeans well before Morrison.
3. Containing the virus largely depends on population densities. It is no surprise that New York and LA have the highest number of cases in the States. Yet NY has a pop density 4 times greater than Tokyo and Manhattan 10 times greater.
4. While the media in Australia has largely been supportive of the plan put forward by Morrison, Trump has had to fight against a media which will distort his words at every opportunity.
5. the USA has never been, and never will be, a country of high welfare dependence, Democrat or Republican, rightly or wrongly. Therefore the vast majority of people depend on work to survive, no handouts apart from a $1200 cheque. Trump’s call to return to work puts food on the table of millions of Americans who are doing it much tougher than Australians.

This is not an anti Trump rant ? you’re jocking me right ! Trump has faired as well as any leader , America is a different constituted country than the rest of the world , their Governor have constitutional power and like the Premier’s of Australia in the recent bushfires were found wanting!

Can Troy name one occasion – just one – where Trump did not follow the advice of his medical experts?
Can he name one state – just one – that did not get the ventilators and other medical supplies they needed?
Can he name one senior Democrat – just one – that supported Trump when he halted flights from China in late January?
Can he provide any facts at all that support this article that are not based on things Trump said rather than what Trump actually did?
Nope. He can’t.

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