It wasn’t the flu, it was YOU

From The Australian: Morrison brings Ardern into national cabinet in trans-Tasman solidarity:

Ms Ardern will take a seat alongside Mr Morrison and the state and territory leaders at Tuesday’s meeting to discuss ways to allow a quick return to travel between the two countries and to kickstart businesses in the region that have been devastated by COVID-19.

We have not been devastated by COVID-19. We have been devastated by a stupid, panicky government without a brain in its head or any obvious sense and judgement. We could have taken the same road as Sweden. We could have done whatever it takes to protect those most at risk while leaving the rest of us out of lockup.

Whatever it was, it has come and virtually gone. It is time, without delay, to open things up. But no. YOU decided to go the whole way at a cost of $4billion per day and are still mulling it over. You are the ones responsible. If you are going to play around with this Invasion-of-Privacy App of yours, and delay the recovery, it will be YOU and no one else who is responsible. Since you can take off these restraints any time you like, it is YOU, the Liberal-National Party Coalition that is primarily responsible for the enormous harm that has been done to our lives and the economy.

And since nothing you can do, nothing you can do at all, will prevent whatever it was coming back, if you are still going to threaten us with going back into lockup, the economy will never really start up again, only those bits that can easily open and shut since no one can now trust your judgement.

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