The CCP virus

Will that work better? Is that non-racist enough?

Meanwhile: CCP Arrests HK Leaders While World Watches COVID.

What is perhaps the most astonishing, as well as the most disgusting part of all this is how ignorant and stupid the American media is, along with the entire left side of the American political structure. There is nothing racist by noting that a pandemic that arose in China had Chinese origins. What is racist is to declare that someone is racist for mentioning it. In that one shift in the conversation, the attempt is to shift the focus from one of geography to race. Who then are the racists other than the ideological driven socialists and media scribes whose aim is to bring a CCP political system to the West.

Really, these people are sick in the head. The media in the US are siding with the Communist Party of China against their own democratically elected government and their democratically elected president. Just exactly what do these media morons see in the governance of China that they would like to see introduced into the United States? Why don’t they fear the Chinese political system as much as they pretend to fear the CCP virus?

The American left is a toxic brew of ignorance and stupidity. If they do not see that this virus almost certainly escaped from a biological weapons facility run by the government of China inside China, their judgement is impaired by an ideological form of idiocy that may be more incurable than the CCP virus itself, with longer lasting and more harmful effects as well.

But in spite of all that there is this: The world begins to “social distance” itself from China in the wake of the pandemic.

As nations around the world struggle to deal with outbreaks of the Wuhan coronavirus, China is now experiencing the first phase of what could be considered social distancing on an international scale.

Where we end up from here is anyone’s guess, but the likelihood is growing that there will be widespread understanding of where this viral environment began, in spite of every effort by our corrupt and ignorant media to point the finger elsewhere.

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