The left could not care less about you other than your vote

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Why Trump Will Win the
Post-Pandemic Election
It is by now obvious that the Democrats are determined to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic in a last desperate attempt to get the president. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has launched yet another Trump investigation, said his call to reopen the economy is “sinful,” and colluded with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to block the GOP effort to pass financial aid without which even more Americans will lose their jobs. Meanwhile, the nation’s Democratic governors refuse to ease their job-killing lockdowns, despite indications that the spread of COVID-19 has already passed its peak. The Democrats clearly hope that the resultant recession will cause Trump to lose in November.
The Pelosi Recession
As another five million people flood the unemployment system, the country faces a classic whodunit: Who killed the U.S. economy? The novel coronavirus must bear some of the blame. Social distancing has pushed millions of consumers and producers into their homes. A temporary societal shutdown means a temporary economic contraction. But the length of the recession—whether the economy bounces back post-shutdown, or whether we lose another decade of growth—is as much about government as the conditions on the ground.

And bear in mind that the whole world has been turned upside with almost entirely the sole purpose being to defeat Donald Trump in the election in November. We would have had the virus anyway, because of Wuhan and the coverup by the Chinese government, but the over-reaction was entirely an American thing. But first the American left needed to work out how to confect the story. Here, is Nancy Peolosi saying there was nothing in it when Donald Trump had suggested there was and had cut off travel to the US from China.

And when that went nowhere as an election issue the Dems went for how derelict Trump had been in reacting to the virus too late. The leadership on the left is not just filled with stupid and harmful ideas. They are actually evil and will literally do anything it takes to gain power, which is their sole interest.

Make sure you watch the video while you still can since Pelosi is doing what she can to ensure no one else ever again is able to.

And for added emphasis:

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