So how will things now change?

Obviously not guilty from the start. And as sinister as the entire episode has been, possibly the most sinister part is that one’s political beliefs are an almost perfect dye marker for how one receives the decision. For the left, it is symbolism alone that matters. On the right, it is that justice has finally been done. The left will attack you for your class membership in whatever way they wish to define you. There are no individual rights nor individual responsibility. This is the way of the left who are totalitarian through and through.

The left are a gang of ideological thugs who roam in packs. To the left, paedophilia is wrong, George Pell was accused of paedophilia, George Pell is a Catholic archbishop, therefore George Pell was guilty, irrespective of the virtual impossibility of his being actually guilty of the crime. It is the justice of the accusation, the Lubyanka, the show trial and bullet to the head. Not quite there yet, but they have effectively ruined Pell’s career, and have provided an exemplary lesson for anyone who falls outside the permitted norms as laid down by the left.

If this has been a learning experience, it is a learning experience for us. This is the Press Release from Daniel Andrews. Try finding an ounce of remorse in this meaningless statement:

I make no comment about today’s High Court decision. But I have a message for every single victim and survivor of child sex abuse: I see you. I hear you. I believe you.

And this is the only comment I can find from the Prime Minister, and there was no press release I could turn up.

The decision of the ‘highest court in the land must be respected’.

This was a handy dandy comment that could have been written a week ago. Works whichever way the decsion might have gone. As vacuous a form of words as could possibly have been constructed.

What should change? The ABC should have its charter revised so that it can only present cultural forms of entertainment. It should be forbidden to present news and political commentary.

And what will be changed? Nothing.

Morrison seems to take his lead in almost everything from Daniel Andrews, whether this decision in the High Court or in how to deal with the Corona Virus. What Morrison personally believes about anything political I really could not say.

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