George Pell unanimous 7-0 High Court decision to acquit

George Pell was railroaded into prison by a corrupt administration of justice. The state of Victoria in which this persecution took place will forever have this judicial injustice as part of its legacy. The trial of George Pell will now join the trial of Ned Kelly in the judicial history of both Victoria and Australia. This is the statement issued by Cardinal Pell this morning.

Obviously not guilty from the start. And as sinister as the entire episode has been, possibly the most sinister part is that one’s political beliefs are an almost perfect dye marker for how one receives the decision. For the left, it is symbolism alone that matters. On the right, it is that justice has finally been done. The left will attack you for your class membership in whatever way they wish to define you. There are no individual rights nor is there individual responsibility. This is the way of the left who are totalitarian in every aspect of their lives.

The left are an evil gang of thugs who roam in packs. To the left, paedophilia is wrong, George Pell was accused of paedophilia, George Pell is a Catholic archbishop, therefore George Pell was guilty, irrespective of the virtual impossibility of his being actually guilty of the crime. It is the justice of the accusation, the Lubyanka, the show trial and the bullet to the head.

I think this hits the nail on the head: George Pell verdict: Victorian justice system is the biggest loser as convictions quashed“George Pell verdict: Victorian justice system is the biggest loser as convictions quashed”.

The Victorian justice system is the biggest loser from the High Court’s resounding vindication of Cardinal George Pell. After Victoria’s courts attempted to silence the world’s media over the cardinal’s conviction, it is now clear to all that the conviction itself should never have happened.

This state’s criminal justice system has tarnished the international reputation of Australian justice. The Pell conviction is a scandal that will rank alongside the outrageous jailing of Lindy Chamberlain for the murder of her baby – who was actually taken by a dingo.

Just like the Chamberlain case, the Pell disaster will inevitably find its way into a movie that will do no favours for a justice system that led to the jailing of a sick, old cardinal after years of frenzy that has been found to have no basis in law.r

Two of the most senior judges in Victoria – Chief Justice Anne Ferguson and Court of Appeal president Chris Maxwell – have been shown to have made a fundamental error; the reliability of the state’s jury system has been left in doubt; and the wisdom of the police in effectively advertising for complaints about the cardinal has also been called into question.

It does not end there. Pell’s tormentors in the media will need to re-examine the way they engaged in a campaign of character assassination against an innocent man.

The left feels on remorse since they are sanctimonious and immoral. Yet near enough half the country automatically votes for them, believing that their political sentiments demonstrate their high moral standards when in reality it shows they are vicious and ignorant to their very core. Almost a century later there is still discussion of Sacco and Venzetti. The story of George Pell will disappear within a week.

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