It’s all about Trump it’s only about Trump

Start here: Poll: Biden leads Trump by 10 points as economic pessimism grows

Continue with this: Federal Reserve Says Unemployment Rate Could Hit 32%

There’s then this from the Washington Post: 33 times Trump downplayed the coronavirus

Followed by: An Epidemic of Media Partisanship

Plus this: Twitter Forces Laura Ingraham to Delete Post on Chloroquine Helping Coronavirus Patients

Supplemented by this: Is Michigan’s Governor Still Trying To Undermine Trump Over Hydroxychloroquine?

Although every so often a bit of the truth finds its way out: CDC advisor says ‘real’ fatality rate of COVID-19 is too low to justify ‘drastic crackdowns’. The first para:

Naive and sensationalist reporting on fatality rates from the novel coronavirus has contributed to toilet-paper hoarding, drastic crackdowns on civil rights by political figures, and potentially devastating and lasting economic impact.

BTW how many fatalities have there been in Australia so far?

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