Going on the offensive

Speaking of The Midwich Cuckoos, I genuinely do find talking to anyone on the left all too frequently just like talking to a wall. What especially infuriates me when I think I am just chatting, I am often and suddenly told “I don’t want to talk about that” which just comes out of nowhere to me. Not only are these idiots offended when I say something, even obliquely, about something that’s on my mind, but they don’t want to engage and immediately want to end the conversation.

And while on the subject of being offended, I was in a book shop today and I said to the 30-ish chap behind the counter how put off I was by all the titles such as “The Art of Not Giving a F*ck” – and there were quite a number like that – and he was obviously put off by my language. So I said to him, if you are put off by my saying what I said, just think of what I feel by having to read such titles. I think he saw my point but only barely. He can get knotted.

And another thing. I was reading an article on the recessionary effects of the CV and right in the middle was an unintended rhyming couplet.

The deeper they are and the longer they last,
The more ongoing the damage after the downturn has passed.

And so all such recessions seem always to be.

But if you’re going to quote this couplet you’ll have to cite me.

1 thought on “Going on the offensive

  1. About 10 yers ago, after a financial planning seminar, I started chatting with a man who had been sitting beside me. We raised a few things each and then i said something that must have been too right wing for him like “businesses should be free to x,y,z and…”. I cannot remember exactly, but i will never forget what happened next. He SUDDENLY walked off half way through my sentence. I just watched him walk fast out the room. I never saw him again that evening. It was my first experience with a Lefty so shallow and insecure. They are children in adult bodies.

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