“It comes from China”

The above tweet and the text below are via Scott Johnson at Powerline.

The White House press corps performed at a shamefully low level in yesterday’s daily briefing, yet they represent the top ranks of their profession. A few observers took notice. Among them are PJ Media’s Victoria Taft in “Trump Calmly Explains to Accusing Reporter Why He Calls a Virus From China – a Virus From China” and Breitbart’s Kyle Olson in “PBS Reporter Repeatedly Says ‘Kung Flu’ While Asking POTUS if It’s Appropriate.” I have posted the tweet below with the video clip of the ABC News reporter in action. Her voice seethes with contempt. How stupid can you get?

Andrew McCarthy explains for anyone who cares in the Hill column “Trump called it the ‘Wuhan coronavirus’ for a legal — and commonsensical — reason.” It’s not difficult. These folks are fighting it. They don’t want to get it right and they proudly display their animus.

Extra credit: Michael Auslin, RCP, “Beijing Fears COVID-19 Is Turning Point for China, Globalization.”

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