The left-media virus is more virulent and dangerous than what you find out from them in their so-called news

All just taken from No story on the CoronaV on the first page when I opened it to look has been left out. All provide yet more evidence that the media are lying swine, in cahoots with the left. No one knows where this ends up, but there’s more to the story than you see in the papers or on the ABC. Things may be as bad as they say, but they also may not be that bad, and may even be getting better. But they are all in a hopeful mood that many of us will die and Donald Trump will no longer be president and Joe Biden will replace him. They really are evil, and there is no exaggeration intended in saying that. They are just vile.

No one really knows where this is heading, but you will only get the darkest stories and the most negative projections from the media, and that is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s a major problem that you cannot trust what you find in the media at a time like this. The BBC made its reputation reporting the events of WWII accurately so that when a positive Allied story was reported, the Germans took it as a true story. The media is no longer like that. What they write is filtered through what they wish to be true. and for reasons known best to themselves they wish the coronavirus to be as bad as it can possibly be.

Dark Money Progressive Groups Spending
Millions to Politicize Coronavirus, Spread Fear
Proving once again that
progressives are anti-American.
The Media Is Even More
Garbage Than Usual
The demise of the Fourth Estate is complete.
Kellyanne Conway proves again she’s worth
whatever Trump pays her
The mainstream media are disgusting. That sentence could open every article about the mainstream media in a time of coronavirus. The media’s hostility to Trump is so extreme that there is no lie they won’t tell to damage him – never mind that doing so might destroy the American economy or cause other unimaginable harm to the American people. In addition to lies, the media’s other line of attack is to call everything Trump says or does “racist.” When it comes to the coronavirus, the media have a friend in the Chinese communist party that started this epidemic. The communists would also like Trump to be “racist,”
The Media Is Even More
Garbage Than Usual
It’s like the moronic mandarins of the mainstream media – luminaries like Honest Dan Rather, Brian “Badass Like Buttigieg” Williams, and Zombie Cronkite – got together to create a plan to make people hate the media even more than they already did. It was a daunting challenge, since people view the mainstream media as something akin to syphilis without the upside. But it’s as if they finally succeeded, accomplishing, against all odds, something besides failure, leveraging this pandemic to destroy the media forever. The Chinese Coronavirus Bat Soup Syndrome has taken what’s left of the media’s reputation, poured gasoline on it,
Israeli Nobel Laureate:
Coronavirus spread is slowing
The coronavirus epidemic is slowing down in China, and will not pose a risk to the majority of people, an Israeli Nobel Prize laureate has said. Michael Levitt, an American-British-Israeli biophysicist who won the 2013 Nobel prize for chemistry for “the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems,” has become something of a household name in China over the last few months. Although his specialty is not in epidemiology, he accurately forecast the slowing down of the spread of the virus in February, giving hope to those affected by the lockdown.
Last Israeli from ‘coronavirus cruise
ship’ released from hospital
Shalva Dahan, the last patient in hospital at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer who was on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship was released today, a spokesperson for Sheba said. Dahan spent 28 days in an isolation room at Sheba after she was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus upon her return to the country from the ship. Several hundreds people aboard the boat that docked in Japan caught the virus.Sheba said that Dahan’s last two test for coronavirus came back negative.
“Most of Those Infected Won’t Even Know
It” – Israeli Virologist Tells World Leaders
to Calm Unnecessary Panic over ‘Exaggerated’
Posted by ladydawgfan — 3/19/2020 2:00:01 AM Post Reply
The cases of the coronavirus jumped to 9,225 in the US on Wednesday. The number of deaths blamed on the virus is 150 in the US. The number of estimated deaths from the flu this year, based on numbers from the CDC is 22,000. Top Israeli virologist Prof. Jihad Bishara, the director of the Infectious Disease Unit at Petah Tikva’s Beilinson Hospital, said this week most people will recover from the coronavirus without even knowing they were sick. Dr. Bishara said global leaders and the media need to quit pushing panic and calm people down. The Times of Israel reported: A leading Israeli virologist on Sunday urged world leaders to calm their citizens
Laura Ingraham: ‘China has blood
on their hands’ for their role
in the coronavirus pandemic
Laura Ingraham demanded “total cooperation and openness from China” in response to their role in the coronavirus pandemic, adding the country has “blood on their hands” and they should be punished if they do not provide information. “It’s essential that our health experts work cooperatively with other countries and that we all share data and findings about the disease as we try to stop it spread all over the world.(Snip)”But we need the Chinese government to give us total and complete access to all their scientific data, including, by the way, the findings of doctors who first studied and discovered the virus.”
House Democrats Propose Lifting Tariffs
On Chinese Imports, Rewarding China for
Downplaying Wuhan Virus
A leading House Democrat is suggesting that we end tariffs on Chinese imports amid the spread of Wuhan Virus , essentially rewarding the Chinese for their secretive and problematic handling of the virus that is quickly spreading to all corners of the globe. Florida Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy, whose husband manufactures sportswear in Chinese factories according to an article by The Hill, could potentially benefit from such a move. The proposed legislation is co-sponsored by Democrat Joe Cunningham of South Carolina. Murphy also owns a patent on one of the products manufactured by her husband. Murphy and Cunningham’s plan does not provide any insight or plans
BREAKING: Italian Health Ministry Confirms
ONLY TWELVE or 3% of Coronavirus Fatalities
in Study Did Not Have Other Serious
Health Complications
Posted by ladydawgfan — 3/19/2020 12:26:58 AM Post Reply
Since early March Italy became the epicenter of of the coronavirus epidemic. As of Wednesday morning there have been 31,506 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Italy and 2,503 deaths. But new data from the Italian government shows that the people dying from the coronavirus are either the elderly or have other complications. Today’s news out of Italy confirms this is the case. 50% of those who died from coronavirus had THREE DIFFERENT SERIOUS HEALTH CONDITIONS and the average per person had 2.7 serious health conditions. Only 12 coronavirus fatalities had NO previous health concerns before coming down with the coronavirus.
WHO Needs to Be Held Responsible! US
Coronavirus Numbers Including Asymtomatic
Patients Shows Mortality Rate 0.2% to 0.8%
and Not 3.4% as Reported by WHO
The controversial Ethiopian politician and Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, claimed in a press conference in early March that the fatality rate for the coronavirus was many multiples that of the fatality rate of the common flu. This egregiously false premise has led to the greatest economic panic in world history. The Director General of the WHO spoke on March 3, 2020 and shared this related to the coronavirus: While many people globally have built up immunity to seasonal flu strains, COVID-19 is a new virus to which no one has immunity. That means more people are susceptible to infection, and some will suffer severe disease.
Millions to Politicize Coronavirus, Spread Fear
Millions of Americans across the country are, day by day, adjusting their lives to better cope with the economic, social, and political impacts caused by the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, as a dark money network simultaneously works overtime to further politicize the festering crisis.A Democrat-aligned Super PAC announced on Tuesday that it will spend $5 million on negative ads targeting President Trump’s response to the coronavirus.“The campaign from Pacronym — a political action committee affiliated with the nonprofit group Acronym — represents the first major pivot to coronavirus-related advertising fewer than 250 days from the election,” the Washington Post reported

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