Joe Biden is the perfect avatar for the Democrats

Let me see. Dementia, corrupt, incompetent, generally stupid, lies continually. Yet he is now better than evens to win the election given that the media are demented, corrupt, incompetent, stupid and lie continually. It’s why he was the last candidate left standing – aside from Bernie the Bolshevik – amongst the Democrats. That these people have anything critical to say about Donald Trump is the surest sign of how politically out to sea they are. Complete political fools. All from Instapundit over the last couple of days.

HE STOPPED AT SIX BECAUSE THE MERCY RULE KICKED IN: 6 Recent Examples of Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline That Should Concern Us All.

WELL, YES: ‘It’s Not A Speech Problem But A Brain Problem’: Peter Hasson Says Biden’s Stutter Isn’t Responsible For His Lies.

LOSIN’ IT: Joe Biden Appears to Forget What Office He’s Running for (Again) During Victory Speech.

TRUMP’S CORONAVIRUS PLAN WAS SO AWFUL THAT BIDEN STOLE IT: Joe Biden Blasts Trump’s Coronavirus Response, Then Plagiarizes Trump’s Plan

NOT THE FIRST TIME, NOT THE LAST TIME: Michigan worker: Biden ‘went off the deep end’ in expletive-laden exchange.

BEHOLD! MY SHOCKED FACE!  NBC Conveniently Leaves Out Unflattering Portions of Biden’s Confrontation With Auto Factory Worker.

JOHN HINDERAKER: Joe Biden Can’t Be President. “I’m not saying Biden shouldn’t be president. That has always been true. I am saying that he lacks the physical and mental qualities necessary to do the job–not to do it well, but to do it at all. Biden’s mental status has slipped badly over the last few years, and he appears physically frail as well. Both his handlers and the press try to shield him from public scrutiny and hide his decline, but under the bright lights of a presidential campaign, it can’t be done.”

JEFF JACOBY: ‘Moderate’ Joe Biden has moved way to the left.

MEANWHILE, OVER AT VODKAPUNDIT: Joe Biden Slams Bernie Sanders for “Joining” Donald Trump. “I’m not sure what Biden meant by that, and judging by some of his recent public appearances, Biden might not be entirely sure, either.”

Plus: His own campaign, the DNC, and the press (but I repeat myself) are all circling the wagons to keep their own frontrunner out of the public eye as much as possible.


But sucking up to powerful men is what Kamala does. And it generally pays off for her.

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