Bloomberg is the Democrats’ best chance

It seems to me that Bloomberg is now the one to beat. He took some flak from Warren and others but merely flesh wounds. The Democrats care nothing at all about moral failings. They want power, and he can give it to them. He is the Democrat version of Trump. He may have not a policy thought in his head that will make things better but will work well with the Deep State. He was the mayor of New York so he knows something about politics, and he did set up Bloomberg media so he knows something about running a business and even something about managing an economy. And he is a man who cannot be embarrassed. And the Democrats do not want Sanders.

Start here:

And he already has quite a large number of ads he has already done with many more to come.

Then add this: Bloomberg isn’t beaten: The politicians of America are for sale to their highest donor.

Bloomberg is in the Democratic nomination race for as long as he wants to be. The longer he stays in the race, the greater the amount of money he’ll spread around. The more he spends, the more the party managers and the senators and the governors and, though they’re far too high-minded to admit it, the media will come to see his candidacy as a fact that’s going to go the distance, and a reality to which the smart money should accommodate itself in case Bloomberg’s candidacy becomes a payday.

And from Drudge.


And from Instapundit:

THE HINDEN-BLOOMBERG! NYC mayor goes up in flames at Vegas debate.

Or does he? As John Podhoretz writes in the New York Post, “The thing is, even if the entire night had been the epic disaster the first hour suggested it would be, Bloomberg isn’t going anywhere — and he is likely only to increase his insane level of spending to do what he can to erase memories of his performance.”

As repulsive as he is, among the Democrats he is the least repulsive and has a ton of money to spend.

1 thought on “Bloomberg is the Democrats’ best chance

  1. As long as Sanders is not elevated. Anything but a wealthy Socialist lieing to the US people about the Nordic model.. I am so sick of his uneducated about history comrades.
    I guess Bloomberg is the least worst Democrat.
    Or do we hope Sanders is the nominee so Trump will destroy him at the polls?

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