Cultural cluelessness but very representative

From Ace of Spades.

British TV Star in Bikini Discovers Sharia Law

Arrested for walking around in a bikini in The Maldives. She’s screaming she’s being “sexually assaulted” (I didn’t see that in the video, it just looked like getting arrested to me). Sweetie, they’re Islamist. To them your outfits invite sexual assault. I always wonder what these leftists think is going to happen to them if they successfully import sharia to the west. The Tolkien Trust Uses Lord of the Rings Income to Fund Muslim Migrants and Terrorists. None of their pet causes-not gays, not trans, not sexual freedom, not female equality, not abortion, none of them-will survive. If they think they’re living in The Handmaiden’s Tale because some Christian tells them, just tells them, mind you, doesn’t do anything to them, that they believe homosexuality is a sin or abortion is murder, what are they going to do when the real thing shows up on their doorstep? How fucking stupid are they? Pretty fucking stupid:

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