Why some people dislike Donald Trump

Having gone into Quora on Donald Trump, my inbox is now filled with Quora Q&A on the American President. This has just come up, as an answer to the question, Why Do Some People Dislike Donald Trump? I found it quite interesting in that not a single reason among the ten listed relates to any policy questions. These people have no idea what makes their lives work or where their safety or personal wealth comes from.

About 60% (or more) of us dislike Donald Trump. Most avid Faux News watchers, and Republicans, will tell you all of the wrong reasons why we despise him.

Here are the real reasons.

  1. Trump is an embarrassment. We are now forced each morning to learn what new and embarrassing things the leader of the nation we used to be proud of has said or done on the world stage.
  2. Trump is a raging, malignant narcissist. Many of us knew what that meant. We already knew what problems are associated with this disorder. It meant he couldn’t love our country – or its citizens. And he doesn’t. And he can’t. But we were still standing here loving our nation. He’s never even spoken to us — even after all this time. He either calls us names (Losers, Haters), or he speaks “on behalf of the nation” without knowing our beliefs or thoughts. 1.5+ years into this and he still only talks to his “base”.
    1. His severe narcissism also makes him extremely predictable and most people in our Intelligence community will tell you how dangerous that is. Many of us, who already grew up with a bully knew this. We did not need to re-learn this and did not want to watch it slowly play out in the real world.
  3. Trump is amoral and exceedingly unethical. We didn’t (and still don’t) want to try to explain this to our children and grandchildren. We believe our President should be a role model and of the highest integrity. We also used to gain inspiration from our Presidents (both Republican and Democratic)… now we are just ashamed. We’ve been cringing daily for a-year-and-a-half now.
  4. Trump is a liar bent on making (or keeping) his “base” angry and afraid. He spins everything and tells his “followers ” the press is their enemy. This is for his benefit alone (narcissist) and not for the good of the nation. He lies every single day, to all sorts of people, and refuses to see that a divided nation is a weakened nation. Why? Because he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
  5. Trump isn’t intelligent. He speaks in a childish way and half the time sounds like a moron. He has convinced a good portion (maybe 38%) of the nation that he is smart (he has a “big brain”) but none of us who have already survived the torture of living with a narcissist believe what he says — or that he is intelligent. We see the commoner that he is.
  6. Trump is not prepared or qualified for the presidency. He knows next to nothing about governance, and will not bother to learn about it because he only serves, and cares about, himself. At least 60% of us thought our nation didn’t have time to wait for him to “get up to speed” and many of this same group also knew he’d never make a real effort to learn the job requirements — ever.
  7. Trump spits in the faces of women, minorities, Muslims, Mexicans, black people, other nations (including allies), and Democrats. He’s a despicable xenophobe, racist, misogynist, and philanderer. He’s a total wreck of a man-baby and an example of the worst behavior possible. This is intolerable to us.
  8. We (60% or more) don’t believe that simply being wealthy qualifies a person for any political office. It does not prove ability—especially when one is born into it. It certainly does not prove honesty, integrity, or accountability. Yet, we still want these qualities in our president and our politicians.
  9. We (the 60%+) knew (or at least those of us who’ve studied political science) we would most likely have a Republican president after 8 years with a Democratic president and we were willing to work with most any of them — except Trump.
  10. Trump has lowered the respect and trust the United States previously had in the world.

After all that, there is then this added on at the end:

Now, these are NOT the reasons we despise trump.

a. Because the Democrats didn’t win the election.

b. Because Hillary Clinton did not win.

c. Because a so-called Republican won the election.

d. Because we are “snowflakes”. In fact it takes much more courage to care about those less fortunate than ourselves and use our time and resources to help them. It takes real selflessness to see problems in society and try to fix them — even if we see later we failed. It takes real strength of character to see that some parts of society are being treated badly and then change ourselves and/or our laws to make things better for everyone. It virtually takes NO courage to only care about ourselves. In fact, we couldn’t be that selfish if we tried.

You didn’t add in the possibility that you are fools who are blind to reality, which is pretty close to the right answer.

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