Democrats do not deserve to live in a democracy

They want to be taken care of, not to run their own lives. They want others to feed them, clothe them and house them, not to produce and earn these things for themselves. They believe that they can remain personally free where they are dependent on others for much of what they receive. But the issue is much much more than just their ignorance.

Donald Trump was elected president and is president based on the rules of the democratic game. The Democrats are using every means they can devise – legal and illegal – to overturn that election. Their media conspirators are in it up to the hilt, lying at every turn and ignoring any news that shows a positive picture of America that can be attributed to the president. They lie and cheat at every turn. They are corrupt and dishonest. And on their side there is no disgust or shame in what they are doing. There are no higher principles they are defending.

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