Modern racists are almost entirely on the left

On the way home but a few notes on our experience here in the US. First this.

Every racist I have come across is on the left. The left are the only people today who seem to notice and dwell on anyone’s racial identity. You cannot say a critical word about anyone associated with the left-side of politics without being accused of being a racist. Even Candace Owen is attacked for being a racist, a white supremacist even.

If you say that a straight out anti-semite is anti-semitic, such as The Congresswoman from Minnesota, the automatic, and only response, is that you are a racist. What she actually said is omitted from the record and ignored. The Moad Squad have only one thing to say about their perpetual accusations is that whomever criticises them, does so only because they harbour racist beliefs. Can this really work all the way to the election? I doubt it, but you never know. But what is clear as day is that no one other than representatives of the left ever says a word about someone’s race. Taking myself as an example of one, it is possibly because it makes no difference whatsoever to anything.

These are my brief notes from Candace taken on Friday. There was more but you will get the idea.

What is the left good at? Marketing.

Blacks are on a Democrat Plan of Action. The left has won the culture wars. One dumb actress is used effectively “to promote ideas to ten million others”.

Conversation must become more colloquial. We have a “hashtag culture” which we need to capture for ourselves. We must laugh more at the left.

What are the true answers: “hard work, family and faith”.

She was speaking to a packed audience of libertarians and conservatives with a standing ovation at the end. What’s this about the content of one’s character being the only criterion for acceptance? It is the one and only criterion that should matter, but unfortunately it is a criterion accepted only on the right.

Additional Note: This was the advertisement for Candace at FreedomFest.

Candace Owens, spokeswoman for TurningPointUSA, will be joining us for the first time to talk about her emotional confrontation and debate with House Democrats on Capitol Hill.

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