The only hope for young socialists is that they will grow out of it, dimwits that they are

Such a sanctimonious fool. If she were really willing to be unpopular she would oppose the stupidities she is mouthing in relation to the facts she is so ignorant about. Disgusting and beyond idiotic. Knows nothing about anything she needs to know. A 15-year nitwit who knows only how to get approval from the semi-adults she is surrounded by at every turn. Could she even repeat a single argument actually made by those who disagree with her, not the empty phrases she mouths that will turn her life upside down if they actually become policy. Repulsive in every way one can think. Our crisis is the crisis of socialism and ignorance.

Posted with approval by Nicholas Gruen with the following comment:

Cross posted at Equality by Lot.

Democracy For Young People is, in my opinion a very compelling analysis of the ills of our democracy. It’s a very simple idea – which is that electoral democracy massively underrepresents three classes of people whose influence on democracy the great anti-democrats of the ancient world (i.e. all the thinkers whose work has come down to us in any substantial form) were most hostile to. The young, the poorly educated and the poor.

I thought the ‘solutions’ section would end up at selection by lot, but it moved right along from that to lowering the voting age (dramatically!). But then the conclusion on what to do was an afterthought, and not really the focus of the podcast. The analysis was compelling. It’s good points are that the ideas are very simple, clearly important. They’re also clearly right to some extent, though of course there could be very wide reasonable disagreement on that extent.

So I recommend it.

I recommend it too, in the sense of know thine enemy.

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