Nothing is now sacred

It no longer crosses my mind that the leaders of parties on the left are men and women of goodwill who are seeking the best for us all. I may misunderstand them, but little they do or say ever reminds me that their aim is anything other than political power at any price. The disgusting behaviour over the confirmation process for Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is a new low, which has only been achievable because of the astonishingly depraved attitudes of those who support the Democrats in the United States. It apparently costs the Democrats nothing to go all in to prevent an honest, decent and honourable judge from being confirmed. All this is brought together in a post by Conrad Black: Only the People Can End This Democratic Horror Show. You should read it all, but this is at the core:

There has already been ample reference to the fact that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) waited tactically to the last minute before raising this matter of Kavanaugh’s alleged drunken grope of a fellow high school student 36 years ago, of which the senator became aware in July. Neither in public nor private hearings nor in a private one-hour meeting did she bother to raise the subject. Kavanaugh denies it, no one corroborates it, no illegality is alleged, no subsequent claimants of like behavior have come forward, and scores of women who have known the judge for decades have attested to his irreproachable behavior and character.

It is nonsense; many men have done such a thing, and so have many women, and it absolutely does not, in itself, even if the incident happened, disqualify this nominee or anyone else, at this remove in time, from any office, even in the celibate clergy.

The supporting evidence is the notes, contradictory in places, of the complainant’s psychotherapist from a psychoanalytic session, 26 years ex post facto—i.e. the complainant herself a generation later from a psychiatric couch. This has as much probative value as Hillary Clinton’s citations from the Steele dossier, which she commissioned and paid for, and when exposed, described as “campaign information.” Where is the shame? Where does this demeaning idiocy stop? Obviously nothing is now sacred, but must every act and every public office, be profane?

The left continue to take an axe to our institutional structures that will with certainly be brought down if they are allowed to continue. Only a Republican majority in the Congressional elections in November might turn things around, but even that is uncertain. It may well be that it is darkest before the dawn, but there is no doubt that things are certainly going to get darker before things turn around, assuming they ever do. Dark Ages last a long time.

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