It’s only a teaching moment if it’s also a learning moment

The left are liars, swindlers and conmen (and conwomen too). Their dishonesty is astonishing since there is no evidence they ever believe anything they say, but act solely with the aim of achieving political power by any means necessary. I do not doubt that many of those who vote for parties of the left and support their philosophical wish for “fairness” and “justice” do so with sincerity. But those who lead these movements are not hypocritical. They understand perfectly well what they are up to.

How are people in general to be cured of their support for the left? No doubt a sizeable proportion are filled with envy and hatred at those who have achieved fame and fortune that they have not been able to achieve themselves. Envy is a terrible driver, but it drives many. There is also a large mass of supporters on the left who believe they will get something for nothing, and end up with more than they otherwise would have. There is another group, which may overlap with these, who are content to do worse themselves as long as those who have succeeded in life are brought down a peg or two, and the more pegs they are brought down, the better they feel. Socialism is the generic name for their beliefs, but the reality is that these are the most anti-social people to be found anywhere.

Is there even the slightest doubt that every politician on the left understood perfectly well that the woman who attempted to subvert the confirmation of Brent Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was a liar? They have attempted to pervert the political process by a pretence of standing up for some wronged woman from a vague accusation by an far-left loon that would never have led to conviction in a court of law since there was no evidence whatsoever – absolutely none at all – that what she had said was even remotely true. It was a scam that could never have occurred had the positions been reversed since no party of the right would ever attempt anything as remotely deceitful as this. They would not do it because they could not do it, since their hearts would never be in it.

On the left, the outcome is the only thing. Lying, cheating, theft and the politics of personal destruction are what they know and practise. There cannot be any doubt that this is the essence of what has taken place over the past week. The question is whether the Republicans will make the disgust felt by those who support them count. My fear is that far too many who run and are elected as Republicans are no different from the left, both in what they want and how they would be willing to achieve what they desire. The difference, and it is a powerful difference, is that those who elect Republicans believe in justice and a system based on fairness to all. No one on the left would entertain for a second any moral thoughts that interfered with the aims they have in mind. The right, however, does.

One can only hope that this is a teaching moment on the politics of our time. The certainty is that PDT understands all of this. The question is whether he will be able to explain this to others, or even whether he will be allowed to explain this to others. If you wish to preserve our cultural values and our way of life, these are lessons that are going to have to be learned, even if it means those who support the parties of the right have to accept that a large proportion of their fellow citizens are black-hearted scum.

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