Rebellion comes with consequences

How a Social Justice Mob Fired a Tenured Professor is a common enough story that is almost no longer visible in the rush of other almost identical processes in campuses around the world. If you actually believe the world is run on ethics rather than my-gang-is-bigger-than-your-gang, you think you can be protected by the hypocritical nonsense they spout. But the reality is that the only rules are the rules of the ruling class and they are the ones who are happy to live in a world of masters and servants. You can enroll in the Master Class but they will discard you at a moment’s notice if you rock their boat. So what happened to tenured Professor Mehta. He took them at their word and so they turfed him out.

He described multiculturalism as a “scam.” Multiculturalism might be described as the official state religion of Canada, and Canadian universities as its schools of theology…. He is accused as well of “denying the wage gap between men and women and dismissing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a vehicle for ‘endless apologies and compensation.’” The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was a body created in 2008 by the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement to make things right with the native peoples of the country.

Nor was he some peripheral journeyman without a record of academic achievement.

Mehta taught at Acadia for fifteen years; his teaching included large-enrollment introductory courses; he won teaching awards twice; served on numerous committees; remained professionally active in his discipline at the national level, and served local community groups. He was by traditional standards, an exemplary professor.

All was well until:

Mehta’s troubles began, he says, between 2015 and 2017, when he came under the influence of fellow psychologist Jordan Peterson and started to take notice of “protests and cancellations of talks at universities.” In early 2017, his concerns came to a head when he wrote to the search committee that was engaged in looking for Acadia’s next president. He voiced his worry that then-candidate Dr. Ricketts had little to say about “critical thinking or listening to a diverse range of perspectives” and that Ricketts “planned to commit Acadia to social justice.”

Did he seriously think an incoming President would welcome an opportunity to debate his most cherished beliefs? He might have thought tenure would protect him and it should have, but one should never be astonished when it does not. The author of this report believes this is something new. It is the very opposite of new. It is the way of the world and will always be thus.

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