Keeping up with the outrage du jour

It’s hard to keep up with the stream of left perfidy and gross stupidity. Where we are today is the New York Times with their article from some deep state malcontent slagging off on the Trump administration while pretending to work on the elected president’s agenda. First from the President himself:

You can read the article here. A self-confessed deep state operative who is attempting to subvert the elected will of the nation. For more, treat yourself to these:

TUCKER CARLSON: Pretty Good Idea Who Wrote Op-Ed...
Bookies place odds...
Tweet Gives Author Gender Clue?
MAG: Reveal yourselves!
GREENWALD: Unelected Cabal... 

None of this is to be confused with the book from notorious media collector of anonymous and therefore unvarifiable sources, Bob Woodward, who released excerpts from his forthcoming tome the day before. Hardly anything about it today since the NYT has crowded it out. However, here is a contrary view, which you will not be able to find on Google – Deep State interviewer instead, as is the way of the world, but it is Sarah Sanders so all is good:


And then the day before that, and I suppose still continuing, there is the confirmation hearings for the next Supreme Court justice. From Instapundit:

THEY KEEP TELLING US TRUMP IS CRAZY, AND THEN . . . ACTING CRAZY: The Democrats’ No Good, Frivolous, Ridiculous Day. “It strikes me that the Democratic Party crossed a Rubicon of sorts today. They abandoned all norms not just of civility–something they purported to yearn for just a few days ago!–but of sanity. They deliberately turned a Senate confirmation hearing into a farce. There was no distinction between the howling left-wing mob that infiltrated the hearing room and the Senate Democrats. Not long ago, some Democrats resisted the crazier fringes of their party. No longer. There is no daylight among the violent fascist group Antifa, the crazed Democratic activists bleating about impeachment, and the establishment Democratic Party. They are now one and the same. So, disgusting as today’s hearing was, it at least achieved some clarity. There is no longer any wing of the Democratic Party that can be described as sane.”

And of course there was John McCain’s funeral orations already almost a week ago, discussed here:

Funeral services are not for the benefit of the defunct, who is beyond our praise or condemnation, but for the living, who know before long that they will follow the honored dead into a cold grave.

Senator John McCain’s funeral was the most ostentatious that Washington has accorded except for a president, and much grander than the 2006 funeral of Gerald Ford, for example. The American Establishment took the opportunity to mourn a world that it imagined but never inhabited.

The eulogies for the Arizona senator, to be sure, were a convenient occasion for the Establishment to show its dudgeon at “the pointedly un-invited President Trump,” as the New Yorker noted, calling the event “the biggest resistance meeting yet.”

It’s really a madness. No one, but no one could do what this president is doing. And with success at every turn, still they come. They are truly insane. They must think prosperity and a safe environment are just natural phenomena requiring no political direction at all. Fools every one, but dangerous fools.

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