The power of ignorance

Stunning! Senior Facebook Engineer Admits “We Tear Down Posters Welcoming Trump Supporters”

World Net Daily reported on a similar study that found that despite the tech giant’s claim to be “a fair and balanced arbiter of facts,” a significant percentage of searches produce material that leans politically either to the “left” or the “far left.”

And then there’s this: YOUTUBE BURIES ANN COULTER VIDEO TO PREVENT USERS FROM FINDING IT. They did a small test on whether something could be found on Youtube by typing in its name.

This is a perfect example of how big tech firms like Facebook, Google, and Youtube fashion their code to prevent conservatives from being found in search results and how viewers are given all liberal sources instead.

The folks at Information Liberation did a search for an Ann Coulter video entitled “How Trump Should Deal With Cohen & Manafort – Ann Coulter.” This video featured the best selling author’s appearance on C-Span last week where she slammed Big Tech for its bias against conservatives.

You’ll never guess what happened. And this is Ann Coulter. They are not only devious, but are rightly afraid that if the truth managed to leak out, the left would be finished beyond redemption. They do not seek truth but power. Keeping their minions as ignorant as possible is part of the way it is done.

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