Freedom of speech in Airstrip One

There was a time before the first of the socialist states came into existence when there might have been some lame excuse not to know how fanatically repressive such regimes are. There are no excuses today. In such regimes, it is as certain as certain can be that you have no freedoms and they impoverish you as well. Here is a story that remains accessible to anyone interested, but which for all too many, have no interest in learning from the past: Soviet censorship: How did the USSR control the public?

Yet it’s not as if they are not learning from history. They are. What they learn is that even the shallowest losers in a free society can get to the top and have untold wealth and power if they can fool just enough of the population for just long enough to get their hands on the levers of state. Meanwhile, there are fools aplenty willing to give them the power to set up their tyrannical regimes, from which there is no force within the regime that can bring deliverance.

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