Far right, the left’s term for people with normal values and common sense

Found in the US on Powerline, but from our own ABC. Steve Hayward finds it funny, and cannot detect the anti-Trump vitriolic hatreds that lie behind it. In some ways it demonstrates that for those of us who line up behind the Trump agenda, his idiosyncracies don’t affect us even in the slightest. We are outcome-oriented. It is the combination of his values and his ability to achieve ends we support that explain why nothing that the ABC and its dreary stupidity are able to overcome. But the ABC and its mates everywhere on the left never give up since there is no doubt that something like a quarter of the population remain wedded to policies that only do them harm because of the political fashion statements put out by the media.

A few months ago North Korea was developing nuclear weapons and a delivery system that could blow up a million people on a single venture into some nihilist political program. Now such a possibility is the remotest likelihood. What has changed? And who caused that change to happen? And odder than perhaps anything, Trump offered this communist tyrant a vision of a peaceful, prosperous, capitalist North Korea as the longer-term future for his nation. I don’t expect the media to get it. Their politically-driven mental derangement is possibly beyond cure, so will simply have to stew in their bile. Meantime, videos such as the produced by the ABC, may help a few of our citizens to cross into the far right, which is the left’s term for people with normal values and common sense.

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