Sunrise in Pyongyang

Not quite “Wake up, you sleepyhead”. From EVERY MORNING IN NORTH KOREA, THE MASSES ARE AWOKEN BY CREEPY SYNTH MUSIC BLASTING OVER LOUDSPEAKERS. Only a handful of comments at the site, but a quite interesting specimen of the mindset of the left. Marty must work for the ABC.

Marty Krog · 
JUst some more Western media hype painting a negative light over a culture they have no fucking understanding about, but just happy to the stir the shit for some Western agenda. Maybe a bit of chilled music in the morning will stop your retards from shooting each other at school.
Oh please. There are many criticisms to be made about the West but North Korea is a totalitarian dictatorship, with concentration camps, torture and collective punishment. Maybe you should read the plethora of books there are written by North Korean refugees and the horror they had to endure and then come back and make an informed comment.
Like · Reply · Sep 24, 2017 12:11pm
 Marty Krog · 
Peggy Whitfield Not sure what makes you think I am uninformed, other than your own ignorance. Does Guantanomo Bay mean anything to you? And if you call them terrorists, then do a bit of reading yourself. They were illegally siezed and transported from their places of domicile as a result of 911 which we all know was really guilty of that shit show, and the invasion of Iraq under the false pretenses of WMD.
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