The epic Clinton scandals and cover-ups currently under investigation

It’s not just the story but the source that is remarkable. From The Sunday Guardian: How Obama’s Hillary Clinton cover-ups destroyed DOJ and FBI. It starts:

The epic Clinton scandals and cover-ups currently under investigation in Washington will make Nixon’s Watergate and subsequent cover-up look like kindergarteners playing in a sandbox.

My columns over the past few years have detailed how Washington DC, under twenty-five years of neoliberalism and the iron-fisted rule of the Clinton/Obama regime, have corrupted and weaponised senior members of Washington’s most bureaucratic law enforcement and intelligence agencies to act against the law and against the principles of democracy. Making matters much worse, senior members of the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency have been operating a “shadow government”, which is only accountable to the “deep state.”

The Obama/Clintons’ shadow government operatives will stop at nothing to cover up their crimes against democracy, including the destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice. Destruction of evidence has been a big theme throughout the Bill/Hillary Clinton era. Just take a look at scandals involving the missing emails, Benghazi, and the Clinton Foundation. Based on the recent announcement from the Department of Justice regarding the 50,000 missing texts written by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, it appears this trend is continuing. The announcement states, “There was a problem with Strzok and Page’s bureau-issued SamsungGalaxies—that ‘firmware upgrades’ and other technical issues deleted records of texts sent from not only their phones but many phones across the bureau. We regretfully report that these text messages were lost.” This occurred during a crucial time in the Russia investigation that included Michael Flynn’s resignation due to lies about his Russian ties and FBI Director James Comey’s firing.

But it’s only when you see stories like this in the NYT, WP, and on the mainstream media will you know the jig is up. Meantime, it’s the largest conspiracy in history, involving the Democratic Party and everyone who is willing to tolerate, and indeed actively support, the descent of the United States into a one-party state, which includes a large number of nominally Republicans as well. And for further interest, here is a list of some of the author’s other columns.


 CORRECTION: I did think it was a near impossibility that the Guardian had broken ranks but that is how it looked. From Tom in the comments:

Don’t get too excited, Steve: the Sunday Guardian is an Indian outfit and has nothing to do with the Green communist propaganda rag in the UK. The fanciful idea that the Graniaud would use a Ben Garrison cartoon should have alerted you. They are up to their necks in Steve Bell and his ilk. Steve used to be amusing in a nihilistic way, but has become a parody of himself since Trump sent him around the bend.

So we are back to where we were, a near universal media silence on the greatest political scandal of our lifetimes. It’s not even that virtually none of it is reported, but that the left and their minions prefer not to know.

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