The Democrats know their business and their clientele

Picked up at The Other McCain: A few headlines from

Democrats Bringing More Than Two Dozen Illegal Aliens to Trump’s SOTU

Rep. Paul Gosar: I’ve Asked Capitol Police, Jeff Sessions to Arrest ‘Any Illegal Aliens’ Attending Trump’s SOTU

New York Times: Immigrants Are Superior to Americans and Their Kids

‘Dreamers’ Arrested for Human Smuggling —Twice in Two Days

11 Democrats to Boycott Trump’s State of the Union Address — 49 Fewer than Snubbed Inauguration

But what is most depressing is that the Democrats know their constituency, which is made up of rusted-on fools plus any so-called independents who can be gulled into voting their way because of some issue of the moment driven by their media allies. I also liked this comment from DeadMessenger:

(1) Isn’t it weird that in America, our flag and our culture offend so many people, but our benefits don’t?

(2) How can the federal government ask U.S. citizens to pay back student loans, when illegal aliens are receiving a free education?

(3) Only in America are legal citizens labeled “racists” and “Nazis,” but illegal aliens are called “Dreamers”.

(4) Liberals say, “If confiscating all guns saves just one life, it’s worth it”. Well then, if deporting all illegals saves just one life, wouldn’t that be worth it?

(5) I can’t quite figure out how you can proudly wave the flag of another country, but consider it punishment to be sent back there.

(6) The Constitution: It doesn’t need to be rewritten, it needs to be reread.

(7) William F. Buckley said: “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other points of view, and are then shocked and offended when they discover there are other points of view.”

(8) Joseph Sobran said: “‘Need’ now means wanting someone else’s money. ‘Greed’ means wanting to keep your own. ‘Compassion’ is when a politician arranges the transfer.”

All good, but playing to the base, that is, mostly us. But his enemies are his enemies not because of what he does or doesn’t do but because they are filled with hatreds and envy. None of that will disappear and all will be in play come the elections in 2018 and 2020.

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