How do you deal with people who know all the answers before they hear the questions?

This is the most significant political problem of our time. The left are on the left because of a will to believe, but have virtually never had a political success other than by taking the reins of power which they quite often do, and not always peacefully either. They have imposed their will time and again because they often temporarily have the numbers, but are removed as soon as possible – which is often not very soon at all – since their beliefs create neither wealth nor freedom.

The outcome has been that no one on the left is any longer willing to debate since they have run out of arguments because virtually everything they say and do has a proven history of failure. And so the question has become, is it worth trying to convince people on the left who never listen to what anyone else says? Is it worth trying to show how markets work better than government direction, for example, or that there is no evidence of the existence of global warming? How do you deal with people who think that Barack Obama was worth electing president, or now even Oprah for heaven’s sake? It is the greatest problem of our day, and may yet lead to the collapse of our Western way of life. Anyway, I came across the brief schematic that I think sums up quite a bit.

Conservative, AKA Normal People = facts, analysis ——-> conclusion.

Liberals AKA Walking Nerve Endings = feelings, conclusion ——> rationalization

They are not “stupid” in the normal sense, political idiots though they are. They cannot learn from history because they do not want to, because history continuously demonstrates the dangers and vacuity of their ideas. If anyone ever works out how to get past the barricades they put up to protect their political prejudices from examination, they will save the world from a good deal of grief. In the meantime, we have to find ways to barricade ourselves from the destruction they cause whenever they achieve political control. There is always another Venezuela just around the corner if these people cannot be made to see how things really are, and that next Venezuela might be right where you happen to live right now.

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