Keynesian economics is the greatest racket ever invented

This is how they steal from you while pretending they are doing you good. Here then is something you should therefore know before you listen to another word from anyone in government: Except during recessions, an economy always creates as many jobs as there are people who are able to fill them. Government spending never creates a net increase in employment. Government spending only creates jobs in one place at the expense of jobs somewhere else, and does it by giving money to the government’s best friends to run projects no firm, based on profit and loss, would ever undertake. And if the project is loss making, which government projects almost invariably are, it has taken the economy backwards – that is, people in general invariably become less well off as a result – even if those to whom the government has paid money are better off, which they are almost invariably are. Government spending, unless there is a genuine and calculated benefit above the cost, is a ripoff, and it is you who are being ripped off. They pick your pockets and pretend they are doing you good.

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