The truth is out there

Front page top story at Drudge: Dustin Hoffman Accused of Exposing Himself to a Minor, Assaulting Two Women. Here is the key sentence:

Thomas was 16 years old and a high-school classmate of Hoffman’s daughter Karina at the United Nations International School in New York when she met the actor in 1980.

Two contrasting views from the comments:

Both stories read like a scripted play. Taking chances, by being caught because other people were close or at the scene, would be foolish. Hoffman is no fool or pervert,or thrill seeker, the ME2 crowd has room for more accusers and I think it is more contrived stories. Fame and fortune make people lie and defame others because their personalities are lacking. One shark attacks and then barracudas move in. A feeding frenzy is all, it is. My Opinion.

Too many accusers for this to be untrue. He’s 80. Time to fade away, never to be seen or heard from ever again.

With one more added detail from the story:

Thomas didn’t share the story of her encounter with Hoffman until seven years after it allegedly occurred, when her daughter was born. She told a family member — who confirmed to Variety having heard the story some time in the 1980s — and several close friends.

Might actually mention that the original headline at Drudge was “DUSTIN HOFFMAN’S 16-YEAR-OLD ACCUSER”. In fact, since she was 16 in 1980, she is actually Dustin Hoffman’s 53-Year-Old accuser but for some reason that is not how the story is being played.

All of which, for some reason, brings this to mind: 13 Alien Encounters That Will Make You Believe. As the subtitle says, “the truth is out there”.

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