Once Moore unto the breach, dear friends, once more

This is from Paul Mirengoff at Powerline whose views I tend to shy from for reasons such as this at the start of his post:

Over the years, I’ve probably learned as much, if not more, from George Will as from any columnist or political commentator. These days, his antipathy towards the U.S. president far exceeds mine, but I continue to learn from Will.

Not quite a #NeverTrumper but close, but here he enters some new territory, even seeing Trump’s point. Will has described Trump as the worst president in history because he had supported Roy Moore for the Senate in Alabama. This is what Mirengoff writes:

Will cites nothing in Trump’s presidency remotely comparable to the failings of the Johnson and Buchanan presidencies. Rather, as noted, he relies almost entirely on the Roy Moore endorsement.

Will calls Moore a “credibly accused child molester.” These are weasel words.

What does it mean to be “credibly accused” of misconduct that allegedly occurred 38 years ago with no witnesses other than the accuser and the accused? It means that the accusation is not a physical impossibility or contradictory on its face and that it can’t be disproved (because it happened 38 years ago and there were no witnesses). That’s all.

A credible accusation is not necessarily a true accusation. It is an accusation that can be believed or disbelieved. If all of my witnesses who gave credible testimony had been believed, I would never have lost a case.

Bill Clinton was truthfully accused of sexual misconduct while in office and credibly accused of rape. Under Will’s analysis — divorced as it from substantive presidential policy — why would Trump’s endorsement of Moore support a claim that Trump is a worse president than Clinton?

Will cites “the Everest of evidence” against Moore. But nearly all of that mountain consists of evidence that Moore dated teenagers. That’s bad form, but not criminality. Will makes no attempt to show that it should disqualify Moore from holding public office.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is indeed a form of madness. No one was more against everything Obama did and stood for, and there is a case for choosing him as the worst president ever, but all of it is based on policy decisions, such as his traitorous attempts to undermine the United States with pallets full of cash for the Iranian mullahs and much much else. But for Trump to make an effort to see a Republican senator elected in Alabama whom he didn’t choose and had actively opposed the nomination is about as straightforward a decision for the leader of a party with an agenda to achieve as ought ever to be made. The anti-Trumpers truly are insane.

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