Not in the news: the attempted assassination of the British PM and North Korea

Here’s what’s not in the news: Islamist suicide plot to assassinate Prime Minister Theresa May foiled. This is hardly any longer worth even discussing:

“It is in essence an extreme Islamist suicide plot against Downing Street. Essentially police believe that the plan was to launch some sort of improvised explosive device at Downing Street and in the ensuing chaos attack and kill Theresa May.

Here’s more not worth your time thinking about:

On Tuesday, MI5 revealed that it had prevented nine terror attacks in the UK in the past year, but several attackers have still got through.

In March, Khalid Masood drove a car at pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and stabbed a policeman guarding Parliament. Five people died in the attack.

In May, 22 people died when suicide bomber Salman Ramadan Abed targeted concert-goers at Manchester Arena. An official report into the attack released on Tuesday found opportunities to thwart it had been missed.

Eleven people died when terrorists used vehicles and knives to attack people at London Bridge in June.

A man died in a terrorist incident at Finsbury Park mosque in north London in the same month – and, in September, an attempt to bomb a Tube train at Parsons Green station failed.

Meanwhile in North Korea, also no longer in the news: US perceives Kim Jong-un as dangerous but rational.

Well that is certainly comforting. To say he’s rational means you must know what he is trying to achieve. But if you don’t, then you cannot infer anything at all from what he does since you don’t know what he wants. Rational refers to means, not ends. If Kim is really a suicide bomber at heart, you cannot know when he will do what he is aiming to do, but at some stage he will and to bad for those who are at the other end of the ICBM he sends.

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