Separating out the threads

Let us see if we can pull apart the various threads over whether Roy Moore, a former justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, is fit to be a US Senator.

1) Ivanka: ‘Special Place In Hell’ For Child Predators… which no one is contesting. The question is whether Roy Moore is such a person.

2) There is no evidence for any of the accusations

3) The only supposed proof that Moore met one of the accused is a signature in a yearbook from 1977 in which mid-signature the ink changes colour – the colour of the ink goes from black to light blue – there are plenty of other reasons for thinking it’s a forgery including the woman’s lawyer won’t deny that it is

4) The media in the US has a history of bringing forward spurious accusations of sexual harassment and assault against Republicans none of which have any evidence other than the word of the accuser. Here is the list from 2016 against Donald Trump which have all disappeared since the election.

So where are we now. Here are a few conclusions that spring off the page.

The Republican mainstream are opposed to Trump’s agenda and will see him out of office as quickly as possible. The left and the media could not make this accusation stand if the Republicans wished to take the small bit of trouble required to show that the accusations are false.

To my tremendous disappointment, Drudge has crossed over and Instapundit may have as well.

Irrespective of the outcome in the Senate special election, Trump’s extraordinary achievements in Asia have been all but obliterated.

If The Swamp succeeds here, PDT will be next.

AN UPDATE: From Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit whose commenters are far more on the ball than the actual posters, including Glenn, unfortunately.

So on the one hand I feel like I’m not taking this seriously enough, but on the other hand I find it impossible to take seriously. Based on what we know so far, what percentile of awfulness in the Senate would Roy Moore be? Would he be 99th Percentile — making him the worst person in the Senate? Seems doubtful given that there’s a secret slush fund paying victims of Congressional harassment already. He can’t compare to such past lions as Ted Kennedy or Robert Packwood, and it seems likely that there are other, current ones that we just haven’t hear about. So say he’s at the 90th percentile. That means there are 10 sitting Senators worse than him. How exercised should I be about the prospect of him joining them? And maybe he’s only, say, 75th percentile!

Jonathan Adler makes a persuasive case that Moore is a constitutional illiterate, but it’s not like that would set Moore apart much in the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.

The truth is, the Senate is just awful — and the House is no better — because it’s full of politicians. The real travesty here isn’t that we might send another clown to join the clown show. It’s that the clown show has so much power, and so little accountability, when it’s doing things that are a lot more serious than groping.

And no, this isn’t good, it’s terrible. It’s more evidence of our decline. And I feel bad for having to point it out, again.

Here then are the top comments at Instapundit.


  • If the allegations against Moore are actually true, then he would fit right in in Washington. His real sin is that he bucked the GOPe.


    That is my biggest reservation about the guy. Practically everybody hates him. Usually, not always but usually, people like that are self-righteous pains in the arses. There is a constructive way to change the system, and there are ways of being a jerk about it. I’m guessing there’s a reason why all the knives came out and it isn’t because he stands up for the Ten Commandments.

    But, whatever. He’s still better than the commie.


    Both parties hate Trump, too, yet he’s appointing conservative judges, pushing tax reductions, and enforcing immigration laws.

    Honestly, I wonder if “hated by both parties” shouldn’t be something to be proud of.


    Nowadays, anyway. I’m not an Alabaman, but it seems like nothing recommends Moore so much as his enemies.

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    Mr. Moore is the #1 best choice for Alabama!

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      He has my vote. 


      I’d go to Alabama and vote for him too, but I’m not an illegal or a Democrat.


      You might want to post something about the Allred accuser having had her divorce case overseen by Moore in 1999 even though she said she never had contact with him after the alleged assault. Minor detail I know, but I don’t know many people who would not have at least requested a different judge if he’d sexually assaulted the plaintiff.


      Why would she ask for a change of venue with her attempted rapist? After all he signed her yearbook!


      He supposedly molestered her, years later he is a judge in her divorce proceeding, she doesn’t ask for him to be recused or bring up the allegations even when he ruled against her, saw nothing wrong it but 18 years later she’s crying at just the thought of the event 40 years ago.

      But what is even more important. She got his signature from the divorce paper. That’s why it’s in two pens. The Roy in yearbook isn’t his signature at all and the Moore was a forgery and the stupid idiot thought the DA was part of his signature so she added it , but it his assistants initials he adds in court documents as a witness.


      The “two pens” thing is a hoax, BTW. Looks to me like an effect of the lighting in the room, combined with low-res JPEG compression of narrow out-of-focus features in the original image. Still probably fake though.


      One could be a better resolution. Once they examine the ink, they know that it’s not 40 years old ink.

      Allred wouldn’t even deny on CNN the signature is a fraud…. The DA was taken right off her divorce papers…. The Roy is not how he signs his name, the Moore was copied from the divorce papers, along with the DA.


      Ben is lying it was taken from CNN tweet


      I thought the image came from CNN. Also, how does Benson explain away the two very different uppercase M’s in Merry and Moore?

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        When I bring the image into Photoshop, here are my observations:

        The “black-n’-blue” photo appears to have only been in focus in a narrow strip centered on the word “Roy” (or “Ray”) as though it was taken from an oblique angle, with limited depth-of-field. The “blue” part is out-of-focus, as is the inscription. The lighter color could be a combination of the original lighting conditions, the photo’s limited depth-of-field and out of focus, and JPEG compression artifacts blending the background color into the out-of-focus pixels. You’re talking about downsampling color in a relatively low resolution web image of a relatively thin feature.

        That’s assuming nobody changed the color of that section of the image deliberately, which I can’t see any evidence of, by the way. What I see is a gradual shift in color that affects the “77” in “1977” and the “Olde” and the “M” in “Moore”. But as Benson shows, another color image (apparently taken at a more direct angle, but still not quite in focus) does not exhibit this color shifted effect.

        As I said, I suspect the yearbook inscription has been forged by Allred’s client, but it’s probably not as obvious as “two pens” would have you believe.

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