Did you know PDT has just come back from Asia?

Among the other things that have been submerged by the Senate race in Alabama has been Donald Trump’s singular successes on his tour of Asia. The OZ, being slightly less demented than the rest, still finds it hard to actually say something positive about the American president. So here is Rowan Callick to prevent us from being deceived by appearances: Trump’s Asian tour had an air of success. He is no doubt referring to himself in his own first line.

Donald Trump’s loudest critics have been confounded.

The US President did not embarrass himself, his office or his country during his tour of Asia — the longest since George HW Bush’s visit 25 years ago.

However, that is the best that can be said. The bar was set low.

I’m becoming a patience-free zone with this kind of thing even with my own bar for journalist standards the lowest it has ever been. But really, such low-grade coverage puts our future at risk since it tears away at our alliance with the US. Lots of ignorance to choose from but let me focus on this:

There was no evidence . . . that the Trump administration has even tried to address with China the core issues that concern American and other international businesses, especially market access and the technology regime.

It appears China had been expecting tough negotiations on such issues. As soon as Trump had left, Beijing announced autonomously several market-opening moves that it had thought the US leader would have pushed for.

So it seems Trump didn’t ask for a thing and they gave it to him anyway. But then there was also this.

As trade studies Trump has ordered start being published, new rules for engagement are expected to be drafted in the US, which will require ­reciprocity on access and policing technology transfers.

Well that sounds like something.

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